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10 Best Ergonomic Inline Crochet Hooks & Their Reviews

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Tim Rhodes

Crocheting is an age-old art, and veteran crocheters understand the importance of using appropriate tools, which is why we will be focusing on one tool today; ergonomic inline crochet hooks.

Many people, especially females, are involved in the art of crocheting.

It’s even said, that crocheting and such similar acts such as weaving and knitting, helps one to reduce stress levels, and serves as a good meditation tool for many.

So many women, ladies, and girls can make fashion trends such as tops, scarfs, and mats, which they sell, creating a living out of it and keeping their minds engaged.

Well, those are not the only commodities that you can create using crochets, there are very many things you can make, even dolls for your little ones.

Crocheting has evolved over the years, from those times when granny used to make sweaters and sofa set fabrics, now, it’s even better because of the number of females, that are still embracing this form of art.

So, for our crochet lovers, here is a list of the 10 best ergonomic inline crochet hooks that you may need to consider, as you get started with crocheting or knitting, or you want to enrich your skills and become a pro.

Table of Contents

1. Woocrafts Crochet Hook Set Ergonomic Grip Handles

Woocrafts hook
This crochet set is from the brand Woocraft’s, and it contains 3 large size crochet hooks and 2 crochet needles.

The crochet hooks are of US size and metric, where one is L-8 mm, another is M-9 mm, and the largest is N-10 mm.

The crochet hook handles are of bright and fun colors such as; blue, orange, and pink.

The bent, large-eye, blunt, yarn knitting, crochet tapestry needles are excellent, for working on loose tails on crochet projects.

The large-sized hooks can be used, to work easily on bulky yarn of all sizes and patterns.

Once you purchase this product, you get a pretty floral casing as a bonus, and in this set also, there are 10 multicolored stitch markers, which are very useful during knitting.

The crochet hook handles are ergonomic and very friendly, for arthritic hands, and the crochet needles are comfy/easy to use, with a good grip.

It’s also quite inexpensive, considering it has all these components.

The casing is very useful, as it helps one to store all equipment and accessories in one place.

You can surprise one of your friends with these accessories, they’ll love it, and they’ll be motivated to pursue crocheting or knitting.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comfortable for use during crocheting
  • Comes in a variety of hook sizes to suit one’s needs
  • Great quality hooks
  • Comes with 2 large-eye needles that can be used for other purposes
  • The hooks are made of metal, hence yarn can glide smoothly over them

2. Valar Dohaeris 2 Piece Mini Keychain Aluminum Crochet Hook

Valar hook
They are 2 sets, of 3 pieces crochet hooks, that are held together with a keychain, and the crochet hooks are multicolored; blue, pink, and yellow.

These crocheting accessories are quite shorter than the normal crochet hooks, with the blue one being the biggest of the three, with a size of 5 mm, followed by the pink one which has a size of 4 mm, and the yellow one comes in as the smallest, with a size of 3 mm.

These crochet hooks are made of high-quality Aluminum, therefore they are strong and durable.

They can be easily used with the keychain, just place the keychain on your palm, and hold on to it when working.

You can opt to work with the other hooks on the keychain, and hold them on your palm while working or remove them still, you’ll be able to work comfortably well.

The two good things about this set are, that they are highly portable because of their small size, and they easily fit in the pocket or that small space in your backpack.

Another thing is, they are sold in 2 sets, in case you misplace one set, you have another, or you might want to have one set at home or in the office, while the other is in the car.

They can act as emergency crocheting tools, whenever you are not near your original daily use kit.

If you love knitting or crocheting anywhere you go, you should get this ideal set of hooks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of high-quality Aluminum, hence durable 
  • Can be carried from one place to another 
  • Comes with a keychain that keeps all the 3 pieces together 
  • Light in weight
  • Available in 3 sizes according to whichever that favors the user’s needs

3. Yaoyue Set of 38 pcs Crochet Kit-12 pcs

Yaoyue hook
This is a product branded by YAOYUE.

This set has the following items; 12 pieces ergonomic crochet hooks, 20 pieces of stitch markers, 6 pieces of plastic sewing needles, 3 pieces switch knitting needles, 2 pieces of metal stitch holder, 1 pair of scissors, 1 piece tape measure, and 1 crochet bag.

The crochet hooks range from 2 mm to 8 mm, and they are each 6 inches long, with hooks of 1.8 inches.

You can easily know their sizes, as it is written on the handles on one side while the other side is, their US standard letter sizes.

All crochet hooks are distinguishable by color too.

The needles are 6 inches (15cm) long, US size, and they are smooth and easy to work with.

The crochet hook handles are made of rubber, which guarantees comfort when working.

These are accessories that are lightweight, meaning that less pressure is exerted on the hands while working, enabling you to crochet for long hours.

It’s also great for a beginner because, it has all the equipment that you’ll ever need to get started, and also. it’s favorable to someone with arthritis hands, as they are ergonomic.

The storage bag is made available, in plain purple or light blue floral colors.

It is specially designed to hold different items, in different pocket spaces.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with a wide variety of items that a beginner or an experienced crocheter might need
  • The crochet hooks are available in many sizes to suit one’s needs
  • Lightweight crochet hooks
  • Comfortable hooks to work with and can be used by someone with arthritis hand
  • There is a storage bag that keeps all your accessories organized

4. 11 Sizes Lighted Crochet Hook Set- Light up Crochet Hook

11 sizes hook
It’s quite a unique set, as it incorporates the use of technology.

It’s an 11 in 1 crochet hook whereby, you can change the hook head onto the provided handle.

There is a small spanner, that will help you remove and fix the hook heads on the handle.

Crochet hook heads are made of good plastic material, so they hardly break, and they have a transparent color which makes them appealing.

The hook head sizes range from 2.5 mm through to 8 mm, US size.

This crochet hook set has an upgrade of sizes 7 mm and 8 mm, which weren’t available previously.

It has new version crochet hooks that are longer, unlike the other crochet hooks available in the market, and the crochet hook size is 6.6 inches, while the hook heads are 1.86 inches.

The advantage with this is, that the yarn gets extra space whenever there is a need for looping.

The hook heads are smooth, thus enabling the yarn to glide easily, giving you much ease on the job.

The crochet hook handle is pink in color, with a black rubber covering, and it has a button where you can turn on the light and adjust to the brightness of your choice, the same button is where light the is turned off.

The brightness levels are either dim or bright, this way, you can comfortably work well in dark environments, be it in a car at night, while you’re having a movie night at home, or whenever the lights go out.

When your crochet hook is out of power, you can charge it, as it comes with a USB cable that can be connected to a laptop, wall adapter, or power bank.

There is a charging indicator on the crochet hook handle, that helps you to see monitor it’s charging.

The set comes in a small pinkish decorated bag, where all the accessories are stored.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of high-quality plastic, hence long-lasting
  • Availability of a lighting mechanism which enables you to work in dark environments
  • There is a storage bag that keeps everything intact
  • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use
  • A wide variety of crochet hook heads to suit one’s requirements

5. Katech 8 Pieces Crochet Hooks Blue Flower Printing Plastic Handle

Katech hooks
This crocheting set comes with 8 pieces of crochet hooks, and they are all made of aluminum alloy, and for the handles, they are made of white plastic material.

The handle is beautifully designed with blue flower paintings, and the crochet sizes are indicated in blue, for easy identification purposes.

The 8 pieces vary in sizes, from 2.5mm through to 6.0 mm, giving the user a variety of options to work with.

The hook heads are all in blue color, and the crochet hooks are as long as 15 cm (5.9 inches).

The handles are ergonomic, best for use for any experienced crocheter or beginner, and the crochet hooks are easy to grip as less pressure is used, thereby reducing stress on one’s fingers and wrists.

You can go on and on crocheting, for longer periods, as the aluminum hooks are smooth, therefore, you can expect little or no snag or split, on the yarn.

The yarn glides easily on them, enabling you to work swiftly and accurately.

It can serve as a marvelous gift for your grandmother, mother, favorite aunt, cousin, or friend who enjoys crocheting.

Get this product for them, and they’ll appreciate it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting as it’s made of Aluminum alloy
  • Comfortable to work with enabling you to work for long periods
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit one’s needs
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth hooks where yarn can glide over them easily

6. Divit Shilip Streamline Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks

Divit Shilip
It’s a product that’s designed and created, by the Divit Shilip brand.

This is a single crochet hook, that is made of high-quality wood, as it doesn’t come in a set.

Different sizes of this crochet hook are sold separately, so you just purchase the convenient one, for you to use.

They are available in 10 sizes, from 3.5 mm to 7 mm, and they all have a similar price.

The crochet hook has a streamlined shape, and it’s generally longer than the other available crochet hooks in the market; as it has a length of 7 inches, that’s 12.5 cm.

It has an ergonomic handle which enhances comfortability while working with it, so you can work for long hours due to this factor.

It’s lightweight and has a perfect grip, that assists you to work faster, accurately, and easily.

The wood used in making the crochet hook is well crafted and polished.

The crochet is made of a mixture of red, mango, and steam beech wood, these colors promote its beauty and give it a classic look.

It’s worthy of note, that this is an eco-friendly product because it’s formed from wood.

It’s a great gift for a crochet lover and also, don’t forget to carry it wherever you’re traveling, as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable as it’s made from high-quality wood
  • It’s an eco-friendly accessory
  • Highly portable

7. 22- Piece Ergonomic Crochet Hooks With Aluminum Handles

22-piece hook
It’s a product that’s branded by Yooh, and it’s a set that contains crochet hooks, that are made of Aluminum.

Just as the name describes it, the crochet hooks are 22 in total, and they are well packaged and arranged, in a light purple leather bag.

The crochet hooks are organized in sizes, with the small-sized ones on the left horizontal pockets of the bag, while the larger ones are on the right horizontal pockets.

On the left side of the bag are 12 crochet hooks, while on the right side are 10 crochet hooks, and the large-sized ones are distinguished by color, from the small-sided ones, which all have a silver color.

The large-sized crochet hooks are multicolored, one can therefore easily spot the different sizes of hooks.

They all have sizes indicated on them, which is an added advantage, and the manufacturer ensured that they provide a variety of sizes that will favor one’s needs, the largest hook is 6.5 mm.

If you’re a beginner crocheter, you should consider getting this set.

The storage bag is necessary, as it will keep all your hooks together, and enable you to move with them from place to place.

There’s plenty of space in that storage bag, so you can put other extra equipment that you use, in there.

It’s a great gift for mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, wedding, birthday, or any anniversary.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in a variety of sizes suitable for one’s needs
  • The set comes in a convenient storage bag
  • The crochet hooks are durable as they are made of Aluminum
  • The large size crochet hooks are multicolored hence one can easily distinguish them from the small hooks
  • They are ergonomic and comfortable to work with

8. Latest Set of 27 pcs Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

27pcs hook set
This product is branded by ZX VISION.

The set includes the following; 9 pieces ergonomic crochet hooks, 10 pieces knitting stitch markers, 6 pieces of sewing needles (plastic), 1 high-quality casing, 1 gauge measure ruler, and a pair of scissors.

The crochet hooks are longer (6.5 inches) and are very smooth.

The long hooks give room for the yarn to loop, as they are smooth, thus ensuring that yarn doesn’t get snagged, and it glides effortlessly when working; a factor that simplifies the job.

The hooks are also deeply curved so, that it doesn’t split the yarn.

They have a non-slip design of the thumb part, to make the grip firm.

Each of the 9 crochet hooks, has the US standard sizes and metric numbers on them, and the smooth handles which are very comfortable, appear in different colors for easy identification.

You can work on a project for long hours with these hooks, and you can also recommend one for someone you know, that loves crocheting but suffers from arthritis.

They reduce fatigue on the hand because they are lightweight, and it’s an excellent starter kit, for a beginner knitter or crocheter.

All these accessories are stored in a nice casing, which enables you to move from place to place without them getting lost.

Worry less about space because the storage casing doesn’t take too much space, and it can fit in the small pockets of your backpack.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Availability of a wide variety of accessories that enable you to embark on any project
  • Different sizes of crochet hooks with US standard sizes on them for easy identification
  • Storage case that keeps all your accessories together and safe
  • The crochet hooks are ergonomic hence comfortable
  • Accessories can easily be carried around

9. Crystalites 12409 Acrylic Crochet Hook Gift Set

Crysalites 12409
This set of crochet hooks is a Susan Bates product, and they are 4 in number; all made of plastic.

They are available in large sizes, that is, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10.5 mm, and 11 mm.

The hooks are also color-coded, which means that they are color-specific, and the sizes of the hooks are indicated on the handle.

On the handle, you’ll also find their US standard size labels, L- 8mm, M- 9 mm, N- 10.5 mm, and P- 11mm.

If you would like this kind of hooks but in small sizes, Susan Bates has also made them available for you, as there is a small-sized set, that has hooks sizes from 5.5 mm.

The crochet hooks have a smooth finish, and the plastic they are made of is light.

They appear in translucent multi-colors, thus standing out, and the great thing with these set of hooks is that they are machine washable, so you can wash them in cold water, and tumble dry low.

They come well packaged, in a vinyl case which shows the brand’s name, and has size indications on it for each hook.

They are easy to use and can be a great gift for your loved ones.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made available in 4 sizes to suit one’s needs
  • The hooks are color-coded and color specific for easy identification
  • They are machine washable
  • The US standard sizes are written on them, one can easily identify the sizes

10. Knit Picks Wood Crochet Set-US E-K (Radiant)

Knit picks set
It’s a product by Knit Picks.

They are good looking crochet hooks, that are well crafted and they are made of wood.

The hooks come in a set that has 8 pieces, and Knit Picks made it available in a wide variety of sizes, to meet your knitting and crocheting demands.

The sizes of the hooks are US metric sizes and they include; E-4mm, F-5mm, G-6mm, 7mm, H-8mm, I-9mm, J-10mm, and K-10.5mm.

They are comfy, as the smooth, polished wooden surface, enables the yarn to slide easily on it.

One can easily grip onto the handle, and work with them for a long time without getting fatigued.

They are made of wood that is high-quality, and long-lasting.

The crochet hooks have layers of laminated birch, which help to strengthen them, and the hooks are deeply grooved, thus preventing the yarn from snagging and getting split.

They come in similarly attractive and interesting color patterns of a fiery array of red, yellow, orange, and purple hues.

They are stored in a transparent and simple versatile vinyl case, that has a snap-shut closure, and also, their US standard sizes are indicated in this case.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They are eco-friendly
  • Comfortable and easy to work with for long periods
  • Lightweight
  • They are made of high-quality wood, hence are strong and sturdy
  • The case comes in handy as it helps put the crochet hooks in order

Final Thoughts

These products above, consist of the best examples of ergonomic inline crochet hooks, that you can get online.

Many manufacturers have availed them in sets, and this poses a great advantage to the purchaser, as they can buy a variety of equipment, which they may use in completing various projects.

Getting the right hook involves finding a balance between aesthetics, comfort, and ease of use; as all three factors are important.

Crotcheting can be so much fun, and we believe with the products listed above, that goal is achievable.

Do let us know if you have a similar product in mind, and it’s not in the list above.

You can also share these options with a crochet lover or knitter you know.

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