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10 Best Ergonomics Grips & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Having ergonomics grips is important, as it is one of the most crucial parts of the bike which provides better stability and control to the rider, while they are balancing and steering the bike.

There’s nothing more refreshing than, the rush of charging up and down rough mountain terrain, and one of the most significant things to consider while doing such is, your grip.

The grip is a top priority for motorcycle owners to keep an eye on, as its a major point of contact. 

The grip of your motorcycle is how you control your bike, and if you are uncomfortable using the grip, you can have an uncomfortable ride, especially with mountain biking, where one can encounter a lot of bumps.

However, as with any specific gear, it can be bewildering to make sense of what you need, and what works best for you, as against the vast options available.

If you think it’s time you replace your handlebar grips or shop for a new one, read on below, for a review of the 10 best ergonomics grips for your motorcycle.

Whether you are replacing your stock grips, or you are a mountain bike lover looking for the perfect pair of grips, either way, this article will help you find the best item you require.

Table of Contents

1. ODI Rogue Bicycle Grip Bonus Pack (Black/Black)

ODI rogue
There are many colorful, eye-catching grips out there in the market, but nothing beats the basic black look., which is why the first item on our list is a black ‘ODI Rogue Bicycle Grip Bonus Pack’.

With more than 800 ratings, this piece of ergonomic bicycle grip, with a unique pattern on it, is comfortable to use. 

It has excellent, extra-large raised pads, which provide excellent shock absorption. 

The more sweaty your hands get during the drive, the more grip these will provide, and it comes at an affordable price. 

Also, notice that it has deep grooves, which help in channeling away the dirt or debris. 

These grips give you a 100% slip-free performance, with the help of a lock on the grip system, and it also includes a new ‘Snap Cap End Plugs’.

Several customers swear by these grips, as it has lived up to their expectations, and even surpassed it in certain circumstances.

You can also check the user’s actual images, to get a better idea of the product.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable ergonomic grip, that will last for long, go for this one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes in basic black shade
  • 100% anti-slip performance

2. Ergon GP1 Grips

Ergon GP1
These ergonomic Ergon grips are perfect for mountain biking.

They offer you a wide range of holding positions, and also provide some protection from whippet branches.

They are designed ergonomically and will provide a high level of comfort, for an extended period.

Also, hand-fatigue due to long hours of riding the bicycle is reduced, and so is the case, with any vibration in the handlebars due to the terrain.

The German-made rubber compound in this ergonomic grip is made up of the finest, and purest quality, making it comfortable to use.

It also has a forged Aluminum clamp, which allows the grip angle to be adjusted for a custom fit.

Therefore, these can be easily readjusted as needed, and these clamps eliminate twisting once tightened.

This masterpiece is developed in-house at Koblenz, Germany, by designers, wherein scientists and engineers who are passionate about cycling, create these ergonomic grips. 

This grip’s winged shape helps decrease the overall pressure on the hands, and the ulnar nerve area, while supporting the wrist in a comfortable, ergonomically ideal position. 

This company’s ‘GP Series’ grips are specially made to eliminate hand pain, numb fingers, sore wrists, and forearms.

Therefore, if you are searching for an ergonomic, and comfortable to use grip, you should go for these. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Pure German-made rubber compound
  • Forged Aluminum clamp
  • For mountain biking, touring, and commuting

3. ODI MX Longneck SL No Flange Grip

ODI longneck
No one wants to ride an uncomfortable bicycle or, one that is not easy to take on adventures. 

The next ergonomic grip is also from ODI; its an ‘ODI MX longneck SL No Flange Grip’.

As you all know, biking is an exciting activity, especially with all the terrain available; as passionate bikers get a chance to create several great experiences for themselves.

To create great and unforgettable experiences while riding, it is essential to have a great grip, to have a safe and comfortable ride. 

These ergonomic grips from ODI are made of soft, but extremely durable rubber, and they have properties that won’t harbor any germs from your sweat, yet retaining comfortability. 

The classic long neck ribbed grip pattern, with an open end to accommodate end plugs, now comes without a flange.

It comes with a classic mushroom style collapsible rib pattern, made up of ODI’s proprietary grip SOFT compound, for added comfort and durability. 

This ergonomic grip is increasingly popular with top athletes around the world. 

It also has open ends in black and white, with two-color push in plugs, end plugs included.

Above all, it comes in a wide range of colors, making this product extremely popular for both genders.

The custom surface of this ergonomic grip helps improve the hand traction, especially in wet conditions. 

In case, you are searching for a grip that is comfortable to use, as well as ergonomic, this is the one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • ODI Flangeless longneck grips limited edition soft
  • Comes in various colors
  • Ergonomic grip

4. ODI Longneck ST Handlebar Grip

ODI longneck
The next one in the list is also from ODI, and this is a classic grip that has a long neck grip pattern, with an open end to accommodate end plugs, which looks quite similar to the ‘ODI Rogue design’.

Featuring the same lock-on design, that makes installing easy while ensuring they won’t slip around, no matter the conditions. 

It is the best choice for people, who are more interested in the racing part of mountain biking.

These grips have a very narrow profile, that reduces the arm pump and still immeasurably improves your stock, grips’ comfort. 

The manufacturing company claims that over the past 25 years, they have dedicated themselves to providing the best there is to offer, with their products. 

So, you can expect the right quality product from them. 

This product is fully tested, as the proprietary compounds have been extensively researched and tested by top athletes worldwide, to ensure that these grips provide the highest level of comfort and longevity possible.

The company is the innovator of the ‘Lock-On Grip system’, which is innovated in a way, wherein the grips are installed and secured to the handlebars, and it remains the worldwide standard for grips. 

Unlike other manufacturers who focus on only the lowest cost products, this company has dedicated years to producing the highest possible quality, and most inferior cost products.

The surface features a diamond-pattern texture, which offers excellent traction when holding the grips.

It means, that they still offer an adequate level of shock absorption and comfort, despite their slender profile. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comfortable to use
  • Single-ply construction
  • Collapsible ribbed pattern

5. VELO Vinyl Leather Grips

VELO grips
The next one in the list is a brown Velo deluxe synthetic leather cruiser bicycle grips, which keeps your palm comfier and gives your cruiser a more classy-look. 

It has a synthetic leather outer and comfortable contoured construction, and it has stitches at the closing, making the whole design much more stylish, and giving it a great look to it.

These are the only grips sold by the Meta Corp and are made, by Velo’s factory, which is located in Taiwan. 

Most of the other Velo grips are made in china’s factory, to lower the cost.

Therefore, these ergonomics grips excel in the quality of the vinyl leather, and its stitch is not comparable. 

The biker size is 127mm and for single speed bikes, it comes without shifters, and for multi-speed cruiser bikes, it comes with one shifter. 

With several stellar comments from actual users, you might be assured of the quality of the product.

Therefore, grab these if you are looking for all the qualities mentioned earlier. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made up of Vinyl/synthetic leather
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable

6. RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips

RaceFace grips
The next mesmerizing grip on the list is the ‘RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips’. 

It comes in a wide variety of colors, featuring a tacky and comfortable design. 

These bike grips are the best ones, especially for all the mountain bikers around the world. 

It is a single lightweight product and has a super slim profile.

These RaceFace grips have few necessary vital specifications, including a single lock on the grip, super slim low profile design, soft and durable super tacky Vexy, and topographic channel.

Also, to keep your hands super comfortable during your biking adventure, this ergonomic grip comes with a mighty single lock. 

Usually, it is better to have the worn-out grips, as they get a fitting of your hands. 

But with this RaceFace comfortable to use grip, your hands may feel comfortable with the first use itself.

Offering the hardcore bikers everything they have ever dreamt of, these ergonomic, sturdy, and tacky grips are very welcoming, straight out of the box for your very first use.

RaceFace MX style half waffle for added grip security compound, and it also comes with a topographic moisture channel, that helps in soaking the sweat that comes in the hands.

The RaceFace grips deliver added grip, through its unique half-waffle design. 

Trust us, these will be the best ergonomic and comfortable to use bike grips that you have ever used, and will be the best even after 20 or 30 years. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Single lock-on grip
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile design, 24g lighter than race face sniper lock on pair

7. ESI Chunky MTB Grip

ESI grip
These ‘ESI chunky MTB grips’ are extra chunky, to expand the handlebar control and stun retention. 

This chunky grip is 5-1/8″ in length, weighs 60g, and includes a bar end cap. 

These ergonomics grips are produced using silicone and are very delicate, which will give you incredible handling surface, dealing with capacity.

To install these, all you need to do is simply slip them over bare handlebars, and they will self-follow.

These grips are made of silicon, although you may not get the feel of silicon for the very first time you will be using them. 

Because they are made up of the silicone, these grips will surely not slide around easily and will even not need rubbing alcohol, to get them off. 

These MTB grips are designed and architectured keeping various kinds of motor vehicles in mind, hence, they can be used on different types of bikes. 

This item is ideal for both dry and wet grip, aesthetically engaging, and offers you a solace degree, that you can never deny.

They are inexpensive; however, they will go far to hosing trail prattle, without hosing the general feel or lessening your ride’s responsiveness.

If you’re looking for a classic, slide-on grip, then these are the ones for you.

They are made out of soft silicone with great shock-absorption capacities and, they can offer you an excellent comfort level across rugged terrain.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple design
  • Made of silicone and can easily slide on
  • Very soft

8. MARQUE Race Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips

MARQUE grips
These Marque grips are one of a kind and have a unique pattern.

The extremely comfortable grip allows you to have unique tasteless TPR rubber material, which assimilates stun and diminishes your exhaustion/hand pressure, for long rides.

Estimating 30.3mm external measurement for a large grasp surface, and measuring 130mm long, it fits any standard straight handlebar bike or handlebars, with an external width of 20-23mm, which will fit standard off-road bicycle handlebars.

Single aluminum combination, lock-on locking ring neckline configuration, keeps the hold secure and diminishes weight. 

The little logo demonstrates up or down, to guarantee the right situation to hold.

Low thin profile with a mushroom design close to the thumb and record region, for additional solace and grasp.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comfortable grip
  • Simple design
  • Slim and thin profile

9. Ergon – GA3 Ergonomic Lock-On Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Ergon GA3
In the 9th position is the Ergon GA3 ergonomic grips. 

Being the mastermind of innovation for all outdoor equipment and gears, Ergon has come back with yet another fabulous product from their collection; an ergon GA3 handle grip and trust me, it is one of their most fabulous collections.

Featuring an inner construction of varying thickness, this mountain grip allows for more excellent damping, than many of its competitors. 

The GA3 adds an evolved “mini-wing” design, to reduce or eliminate hand pain, numb fingers, sore wrists, and arm pump while supporting the hand and wrist, in an ergonomically ideal position.

It has an ergonomic shape with specific hold zones, to coordinate the hand’s forms for expanded path criticism, control, and solace when riding harsh landscapes and broadened downhills.

The positioning of safety aluminum braces permits the grasp edge to be balanced for a unique fit and, it can be effectively straightened out varying, as Cinch takes out contorting once fixed. (Carbon bar viable). 

GA3 grips are made from super-soft, UV stable, 100% German, TÜV-certified rubber compounds for improved tactile feedback, control, and durability, with a black anodized low-profile aluminum clamp.

The company offers a 2-Year guarantee against deserts, in materials and artistry.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mini-wing comfort
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Made with pure material and provides a custom fit

10. Ergon GS1 Grips

Ergon GS1
With a product like a motorcycle or a bike grip, it is incredibly vital to have features like durability and customer budget, rather than just the grip’s appearance. 

The final recommendation from our team of experts is this Ergon GS1 Grips.

Meet this incredible piece, designed by experts only for the love of biking and all the adventures it brings, as this sturdy piece delivers maximum endurance and is comfortable to use. 

The GS1 grip was guided to two Marathon World Championships, and the Leadville 100 course record!

This lightweight “winged grasp” conveys an ideal equalization of solace and execution, for top continuance competitors.

GS Series holds kill hand torment, numb fingers, sore wrists, and lower arms, with an excellent grasp shape that lessens pressure; soothing the ulnar nerve while supporting the hand and wrist, in an ergonomically ideal position. 

A fashioned aluminum brace permits the grasp point to be balanced for a special fit, and it can be easily rearranged, even for varying bikes, as the clip disposes of curving once fixed. (Carbon bar viable). 

GS holds produced using 100% German, TÜV-ensured elastic mixes for improved adaptability and strength, with a cold fashioned aluminum clip.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to ride the bike with or without wearing gloves; the Ergon grips have got you covered and safe. 

It provides you a limited 2-Year guarantee against deserts, in materials and artistry, which sounds like a great deal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Non-slip 
  • Dampening and secure grip
  • Comfortable to use

Final Thoughts

With looks and appearance being the least priority in a product like a motorcycle or bike grips, there is still a wide range of products available online featuring all that you are looking for, which will make you go dizzy while deciding what to buy and what not!

There are some major factors that one needs to keep in mind, to buy a great product, and they are; material, features, durability, bike type, and customer’s budget. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have listed the ten best grips available online, thus, it’s now up to you, to choose the best item that suits your needs. 

These grips are a great fit for almost all kinds of bikes available in the market, offering a powerful grip even in the wet conditions and instant comfort, from the very first time your hands come in contact with them.

Hopefully, this guide has pointed you towards the perfect ergonomics grips, and also, if you see one that’s not on the list and should be, let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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