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Are Ergonomic Keyboards Worth It? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

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Tim Rhodes

Ergonomic keyboards are specially designed for the enhancement of efficiency and comfort in a computer-based working environment, but is an ergonomic keyboard worth it?

The present technology-driven era has some huge demands from human beings including excessive use of technical equipment such as cell phones, computers, laptops, etc.

The usage of these gadgets are foreign to the human body, so the body finds it difficult to adapt to these gadgets even today, leading to a variety of disorders.

Enter ergonomic keyboards: they are extremely beneficial to those who type with both hands by minimizing muscular strain and a bunch of related complications.

An ergonomic keyboard is usually constructed in a V-shape, enabling the left and right hands to type at an angle that is more natural to the human body.

Are ergonomic keyboards worth it?

Here are 5 reasons why ergonomic keyboards are a boon for all and definitely worth it!

Table of Contents

1. Ergonomic Keyboards Come In Different Forms

Different people can be prone to different types of disorders that are dependent on limitless internal and external factors.

Thus, your needs can also be different to prevent a particular type of disorder.

In such a complicated scenario, here’s a piece of overwhelming news for all of you.

Ergonomic keyboards come in a variety of forms with different designs to cater to the needs of each and every person.

They’re different from a standard keyboard in terms of design, pros and cons, key alignment, keyboard layout pattern, separation, and elevation.

Let’s have a quick look at the different forms of ergonomic keyboards and their benefits.

Split Keyboard

A split keyboard is the most common type of ergonomic keyboard with normal and function keys being split into two sections.

It enables users to place the segregated halves of the keyboard at a comfortable angle from each other which varies for different users.

The halves can be attached to each other at an angle or be completely removed from each other maintaining connectivity with a wire.

This flexibility meets the requirements of practically every person.

Contoured Keyboard

The contoured keyboards were the next to be developed after the split keyboards.

The basic advantage is that the main required keys of a keyboard are placed in two depression sets in coordination with the length of an average person’s shoulders.

The function keys are set between the two key groups to provide easy access to the thumb.

In such a system configuration, negligible movement of the arms and the wrists is required that prevents any sort of pain due to wrist movement.

Handheld Keyboard

Handheld keyboards are one of the most fancy-looking keyboards you will ever come across.

They closely resemble a game controller (joystick) and can be used in a similar fashion.

The main advantage is that they fit in the hands of anyone and allows them to move freely in a room or even lean back on a chair while working.

With new modifications in the handheld keyboards, it’s now also possible to include a trackball mouse in the keyboard so that typing and mouse movement are both covered in a single movable device.

Angled Split Keyboard

The Angled split keyboards are also known as the Klockenberg keyboards.

They’re quite similar to the split keyboards with a single major difference.

In an Angled split keyboard, the middle part is a bit tented up, allowing the index fingers to be higher than the little fingers while typing.

There are various other types of ergonomic keyboards as well with different modifications as per requirements.

These variations are impossible in the case of a standard keyboard and so most ergonomic keyboards are definitely a go-to option for long-term use.

Most keyboards will save your time and such variable designs are enough to satisfy the needs of every individual.

The prices usually vary depending upon a particular design and some people may find the prices to be high, but honestly, comfort was never cheaper in centuries that passed.

2. Ergonomic Keyboards Are The Backbone Of The Private Sector

The private sector of any country is the backbone of its entire economy.

And ergonomic keyboards have emerged as one of the leading components behind the success of the private sector by increasing efficiency and breaking all the past records with each passing year.

You might be wondering how?

Don’t worry, just keep reading because we’ve got everything covered for you.

Ergonomic Keyboards Increase Employee Engagement

Nowadays, finding talented employees is a humongous task.

You’d surely not want to deteriorate your brand by not living up to your employees’ expectations!

When employees can see that they are provided with high-end equipment to ensure their health and realize that their safety is one of the topmost priorities, they will feel more confident about the company and loyal to their employer.

If they experience exhaustion, affliction, discomfort, or drowsiness during their day in the office, it will result in absenteeism, and decreased quality and productivity.

Ergonomic Keyboards Refine Quality & Increase Productivity

Imperfectly made equipment can result in poor work performance and inferior quality.

An ergonomic keyboard help employees accomplish tasks comfortably with no compromise on the quality of the work being done.

Every little bit helps and can be highly beneficial in the long run.

When employees are in complete harmony with what the tools they use for work, they will encounter less tiredness and restrained muscles which results in increased productivity.

Productivity can be judged by the amount of work done for a particular day by all employees, and the difference will be loud and clear: courtesy of the wonders of ergonomic keyboards.

Ergonomic Keyboards Are More Popular Than Ever

Nowadays, every company has its eyes set on the ergonomic keyboards, and most companies make use of these keyboards because of the psychological, economical, and other demanding factors they place on their employees.

Times are changing at a rapid speed and no company wants to be left behind in this vigorous race of the best.

It is essential to make sure that you have the best in all aspects, be it the equipment, your employees, or a suitable working environment.

These things are vital for producing desired results within budget and deadlines time.

All of the above-stated facts actually make ergonomic keyboards a vital component in any country’s economy.

The proof is in the pudding, well in the ergonomic keyboard.

3. Ergonomic Keyboards Reduce Cost & Energy

They have been in existence since around the 1990s and have helped millions of people.

While many people feel that ergonomic keyboards are much more expensive, compared to standard keyboards, they help reduce costs by a huge margin in an unforeseen future.

Reducing risk factors will prevent employees from encountering any pain or injuries.

This way, a company can avoid potential loss of profit because employees will be comfortable and productive, delivering the best possible work.

More Energy, Less Mistakes

Besides the above-mentioned benefits of ergonomic keyboards, another beneficial impact is the substantial betterment of lives and the working environment.

Get one for yourself now and notice a remarkable improvement in your professional life.

The energy that is put into coping with typing in the wrong position can be serious trouble.

Furthermore, erroneous typing positions increase fatigue which in turn reduces your efficiency and determination towards completing the work.

Therefore, ergonomic keyboards will save your energy so that you can work for longer durations without any discomfort, and making fewer mistakes.

Moreover, ergonomic keyboards are built with perfection and are less susceptible to key malfunctioning or getting damaged.

Over time, their quality has surpassed the quality of standard keyboards.

This prevents financial loss by eliminating the need for a continuous replacement or repair of the keyboard.

It’s a Long Term Investment

Most people think that they can save a lot by not buying non-essentials, but the harsh reality is that such people fail to recognize the true potential of certain things that lead to major losses due to health.

Saving is good but not keeping your mind and eyes open to things necessary for our evolution with time is a serious matter of concern.

Don’t be a miser in such a vital aspect or else you may have to spend more money on your well-being than you would have ever thought.

4. Ergonomic Keyboards Are Great To Support Your Health

Health is the most important thing for every individual.

A healthy body is a happy body, and that is the main selling point for ergonomic keyboards.

No matter how important your work is, your health should never be on the compromised side.

Ergonomic keyboards take care of that for you.

Here’s how they can help you with the maintenance of your health while working for long hours.

Comfort & Wrist Support

The unique designs of the ergonomic keyboards provide more space for your wrists and forearms to adjust themselves in a comfortable position as you type.

This positions your arms and wrists naturally preventing any possibility of strain or other muscular injuries that may require a holistic line of treatment.

Additionally, an ergonomic keyboard makes sure that your fingers are closer to the keys which reduces the efforts of the hands and their movement.

Some ergonomic keyboards also have a wrist rest to support your wrist properly and lessen muscle strain.

The less your hands move while typing, the smoother your typing experience will be.

Easy to Use

Prolonged typing can be a primary reason for pain in your wrists and forearms.

More than 95% of people suffer such agony and think that it is something unavoidable.

We’re glad to tell you that everything has an effective solution and that is why ergonomic keyboards are worth more than you can imagine.

The contours of the computer will provide ample time as you interact with the console.

It works just like the conventional computer keyboard and requires no additional complications.

Just connect your keyboard, install the drivers while using it for the first time and voila! You are all set and good to go on the journey of comfort and satisfaction.

Supports A Healthy Posture

A healthy posture is essential not only in your profession but also in your personal life.

It determines your temperament and makes you stand out in the crowd.

I assume that it’s for the same reason you take time to get the right office desk and chair for yourself.

In the past, who would have thought that choosing the right keyboard would be as essential as choosing an appropriate desk and chair for work?

But this is the reality of the present which we all need to accept and adapt to for a better experience.

By properly placing your wrists on the ergonomic keyboard, you ensure appropriate shoulder alignment which leads to proper positioning of your whole body.

Never ignore such minute details and your body will have a lot to thank you for at a later stage.

Ignorance can lead to a curse of your own body upon itself which can become perpetual as you age.

An ergonomic keyboard is like support to a man drowning in discomfort and exertion and so continues to prove its usefulness.

Reduces The Risks Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a result of a pinching nerve in the wrists, leading to numbness in either the fingers or the whole hand.

In such cases, you require complete hand rest which means no work for a few days.

The misery doesn’t end there.

You can develop carpal tunnel syndrome again if the right precautions are not taken in time.

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome can be quite prolonged and costly with surgery suggested for serious cases.

Fortunately, the quirky designs of ergonomic keyboards help curb the risks posed by carpal tunnel syndrome.

So why pose a hazard to your job and health when you can invest in an ergonomic keyboard?

An ergonomic keyboard is designed for the comfort of your wrists and arms while working on a computer thereby reducing muscle strain.

The ergonomic keyboard is narrower, reducing the pressure when reaching for an ergonomic mouse and while making use of it.

Therefore, they’re fitter and safer because they minimize weariness and soreness, the leading cause of repetitive stress injury like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Although your work may not involve extensive use of a computer, it’s still recommended to get an ergonomic keyboard as it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Supplementary Assorted Gains From Ergonomic Keyboards

Increase your Typing Speed

Lack of speed while typing can be really frustrating and reduces the interest of an individual in his work.

Slow typing can be due to a shortage of practice, but there can be other underlying factors as well, such as discomfort, poor posture, and difficult access to all the keys while typing.

Using an ergonomic keyboard helps you with all these issues.

Since you’ll be typing in a more comfortable, relaxed position, it is probable that your typing speed will improve.

The more time you spend using an ergonomic keyboard, the better you would be able to adapt to its design and type efficiently without feeling the need to have a look at it.

This will also result in an increased work speed at your workplace which will make it easier for you to accomplish your day-to-day goals along with some bonus work.

Faster Response

The standard keyboards start sticking and malfunctioning weeks after their purchase.

The response also gets slower due to internal issues.

The best trait of ergonomic keyboards is that they are designed to respond quickly to touch.

This means that the keyboard only needs a slight tap to respond which assists with ease and accuracy while typing.

This also saves you time and frustration.

No one would have thought that this seemingly small issue could have such large-scale implications and that ergonomic keyboards would come to save the day.

Some Design Facts

Ergonomic keyboards maintain a good vertical hand position, minimizing the need of reaching out to a mouse to operate it, and the numeric pad on the ergonomic keyboards is located on the left so that the mouse can be much closer to the right.

Wireless ergonomic keyboards have also stepped up in the market resulting in an exponential rise in their demands.

The incredible benefits for an overall quality life are unimaginable and this makes these boards irresistible and proves that ergonomic keyboards are worth it.

Choosing The Right Ergonomic Keyboard For You

Since you’re new to this concept and maybe wondering “are ergonomic keyboards worth it”, and which type of ergonomic keyboard will suit you, you are definitely in the right place.

From the variety of designs, it can be tough to make a choice, but the choice is actually not dependent on your instincts, rather upon pure logic and deep analysis of your specific situation.

First and foremost, it requires some study of the different designs of ergonomic keyboards out there.

The second step would be to understand your body and assess your own needs.

Things To Focus On

  • Awkward positioning
  • The part of the body that pains frequently and to what extent
  • The repetitive requirement to press the keys
  • The unnecessary force being put in repeatedly during prolonged typing

After doing all the necessary analysis, the third step would require some hit and trial because there is no expert to accurately tell you which keyboard will suit you the best.

After several rounds of trials, when you have finally got your desired design, some serious and consistent practicing would be required because the unorthodox designs can make typing a bit more complex than what you are used to.

Design Features To Prioritize

  • The extent of separation
  • Tenting (elevation of the middle section of the keyboard)
  • Arm and wrist support system
  • Keys alignment and layout

It’s super important to also check out the warranty and money-back guarantee as it’s a part of hit and trial methodology.

The cost and reliability factors are also essential while choosing the most suited design for yourself.

So, you need to have a balance between all the above-mentioned factors and then you would be able to reach a final conclusion which may take some time, but once the decision is made, the comfort is for life to enjoy and cherish.

Final Thoughts

Don’t hesitate to put your money into buying a great keyboard for the sake of comfort, happiness, and satisfaction while working to make it a productive task of the day instead of some unwanted burdensome activity.

The latest features of ergonomic keyboards are irresistible to ignore as they cater to every minor and major need of millions of computer users.

Why suspect the quality of an extremely reliable component of success in your professional life just for the sake of a few dollars?

Remember: “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything even more priceless than any gems,” and obviously health is the real wealth.

You take care of your work and your family; let the ergonomic keyboards take care of your health for you because they have been invented to do so by making things more convenient for humanity.

These keyboards have been around for quite some time and it is proven that the special design is definitely a wise investment.

Order one immediately for yourself and live an easy-going, productive, painless, and contented life and let us know if you have an answer to the question, “Are ergonomic keyboards worth it?”

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