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Best Ergonomic Mouse For Wrist Pain – Top 10 Reviews, Quick Summary, Buyer’s Guide, FAQs, More!

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Tim Rhodes

When it comes to using a mouse all day, you need the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.

If you are thinking of Googling what an “ergonomic mouse” means, chances are you are using a normal mouse.

Casual computer users might not understand how essential it is to use an ergonomic mouse.

Most people rarely give a second thought to the mouse they use, preferring to focus their attention and money on the latest graphics card, CPU, or even PC case.

But more advanced users are all too conscious of the risks of repetitive stress injuries, muscle strain and carpal tunnel syndrome, and the productivity benefits of using an ergonomic mouse that feels comfortable and is more convenient to use.

Whether you’re a gamer, power consumer, or informal user; you get a lot more benefits from an ergonomic mouse compared to a traditional mouse.

Luckily, there are many options for an ergonomic computer mouse regardless of your price range or specific requirements, so you can pick a mouse with a standard design, or something more modern.

Read on to learn about the 10 best ergonomic mice for wrist pain and find out which one is right for you.

Table of Contents

1. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Vertical Wireless MouseThe MX Vertical Wireless Mouse is an excellent ergonomic mouse that blends science-driven design with the Logitech MX Series’s improved performance.

The natural handshake position of the MX Vertical is designed to minimize wrist strain and forearm pressure related to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) definitely making it one of the best ergonomic mice for wrist pain.

Featuring a unique 57-degree angle, this scientifically advanced, ergonomic layout is not like anything else you have ever seen or used.

It’s sleek, classy, and stylish to look at.

However, more importantly, it promotes a natural hand position, preventing forearm twisting and minimizing undesirable muscular stress to the lower arms.

There are three different approaches you can pick to connect this vertical mouse.

You can choose Wireless USB, Bluetooth Smart Technology or with the aid of the USB-C charging cable included with your purchase.

If you want to use the WiFi mode, you can get up to for four months of battery life on a full charge on the rechargeable battery and you can enjoy three hours from a one-minute quick charge.

It is the ultimate in precision, performance, and elegant vertical mouse design.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Accommodates switching and glide control between three computer systems or devices
  • Supports three defeat operating modes included wireless USB and Bluetooth
  • Fully adjustable cursor speed swap for optimal control
  • Science driven, ergonomically improved mouse reduces muscle strain
  • 57-degree vertical attitude for decreased stress and increased posture

2. Logitech MX Master 2 – Wireless

Master 2 WirelessThis product is best for those looking for a comfortable, ergonomic design with a smart button layout, useful flow features, and multiple WiFi connections.

The design includes a special thumbwheel which provides unlimited, unparalleled control over your machine and can utilize all manner of superior gestures for your convenience.

You can additionally program it to work with more than one station.

You can take it to work, bring it home, and even to the library, or over to a friend’s house.

Working with both Windows and Mac, Logitech’s flagship ergonomic mouse is something that all other vertical mouses aspire to and more than its money’s worth.

If you’re looking for a serious productivity mouse and don’t seem interested in gaming models, the MX Master 2S is a high-quality product in town.

Take a few minutes to set the sensitivity and reprogram the buttons and you’ll have a peripheral that’s absolutely yours and uniquely perfect to your work.

It’s difficult to find fault in the Logitech MX Master 2S.

It has all bases covered especially when it comes to transforming your creativity.

Its features go beyond the regular low latency, precision movements, and customizable wheels and buttons.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique thumb wheel for horizontal navigation and superior gestures
  • Connects with up to three exclusive stations easily
  • Tracks on any surface
  • Offers up to 40 days power on a single charge

3. Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Trackball Mouse

Advanced Trackball MouseThe Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Mouse has revolutionary tilt features, a sculpted layout, and intelligently positioned buttons that make this the comfiest horizontal ergonomic mouse you’ve possibly ever experienced.

The exceptional feature is the adjustable hinge that lets you tilt the mouse up to 20 stages on its side for the most natural, comfortable position.

This slight change in angle may not appear like much; however, over time, it makes a massive difference for many people.

By minimizing any unnatural twists to your wrist while you use the mouse, you noticeably reduce your probabilities of creating common ailments such as nerve pain, wrist pain, stiffness in the fingers and arms, and even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The MX Ergo grants a consumer-grade trackball mouse for the cutting-edge era with a robust software program and a smart multi-computer feature.

While trackball mouses haven’t exactly been absent the previous few decades, primary manufacturers haven’t been pumping them out, much less at reasonable prices.

With a comfortable grip, a few modern features, and just a sufficient number of extra buttons to keep matters interesting, the MX Ergo offers a consumer-grade trackball mouse for the modern era.

You may not see the advantages of buying Logitech’s MX ERGO advanced Trackball if you are not an excessive computer user.

However, if you work long hours per day on your computer, this is the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain removal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Innovative 20-degree tilt function
  • Sculpted form for comfortable use
  • Trackball for maneuvering cursor
  • Both Bluetooth and Unifying Receiver connectivity with stellar battery life
  • Excellent hardware quality.

4. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse 

Wireless Trackball MouseThe Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 provides you with a unique kind of comfort.

It stays in one place and allows your hand to let you work all day with ease.

The classic trackball offers a return with the Logitech M570 wireless mouse, albeit in a much more exclusive form.

The trackball is managed through the user’s thumb.

It allows the ergonomic mouse to continue to be in place preventing wrist pain and fatigue.

Furthermore, the trackball is removable making the ball and socket easy to clean and maintain.

A sculpted layout offers the consumer with a relaxed grip while back and forward buttons provide searching convenience.

Keep in mind that this is a right-handed product.

If you’re left-handed, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

The M570 comes with a unifying receiver that you can plug into your computer’s USB port for a seamless wireless connection.

Powered by using a single AA battery, this mouse boasts an 18-month battery life, offering uninterrupted power for months and months of use on end.

Unlike the most high-priced mouse on our list; however, far from the cheapest, the Logitech M570 is a high-quality, ergonomic mouse provided at a fair price.

It offers a three-year limited hardware warranty.

You can have faith that your ergonomic mouse will operate for years to come.

But in the rare event that it doesn’t function at the preferred level, you can quickly return your mouse and get a replacement product.

The Logitech M570 is a mouse that brings back the trackball, improving long-term relief and ergonomics.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sculpted shape
  • Removable trackball design
  • Back/forward buttons
  • Wireless USB receiver
  • 18-month battery life

5. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Wireless Vertical Ergonomic MouseThis product is best for those looking for scientifically designed ergonomic features as well as useful buttons convenient to click without straining your wrist.

Mainly, as it is designed to help relieve and prevent wrist pain, this mouse is worth every penny of its incredibly inexpensive price tag.

On top of this, you can adjust the DPI tracking responsiveness which will enable you to customize it to your liking.

As a more recent model, there are quite a few upgrades over the previous generation and embraces wireless technology to make it easily transportable and compact.

It’s additionally neither too big nor too small which makes it an exceedingly good deal, best for all of us who’s looking to make a move.

This mouse does not solely come with an 18-month guarantee but also comes with lifetime support.

If you’re ever having trouble with your mouse, you can get in touch with the Anker support group to get your solution.

In terms of value, this is probably the highest-quality vertical mouse you can get in an affordable price range.

Its tall vertical layout does minimize a lot of the wrist motion related to RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, people with small hands will find the browser back/forth buttons hard to access.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compact with WiFi design
  • Ergonomic vertical operations encourage a natural hold
  • Precise and increased accuracy with customizable settings
  • Easy access buttons and three degrees of sensitivity
  • Compatible with a vast range of famous operating systems

6. Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

Elite Gaming MouseA magnificent wired gaming mouse doesn’t need countless features.

It merely needs to be excellent at the fundamentals, consisting of being comfortable enough to use for long hours at a time with games that demand speedy reflexes.

And a rich assortment of buttons that take little or no time to master and of course, excellent performance.

If this matches what you prefer in a mouse, the Razer DeathAdder Elite is the best mouse you could get.

The DeathAdder’s 5G optical sensor boasts resolution stages of up to 16,000 DPI, allowing you to make swift, accurate cursor moves while barely budging your mouse.

With the Razer DeathAdder, you can also alternate your resolution level or any settings on the fly, add to that the mouse’s programmable buttons, including the DPI switch which can be custom-made via Razer Synapse.

This application additionally approves you to customize your mouse’s RGB lighting to match your unique flair.

Its tactile scroll wheel provides a rubberized, textured grip that is simpler to manage than the standard scroll wheel.

While this may not add much use in a workplace environment, it’s a convenient feature for gamers.

This mouse is the number one best-selling product in PC gaming mouses on Amazon and it’s easy to see why.

Boasting an excellent 99.4% resolution accuracy rate and many customizable features, the Razer DeathAdder nonetheless manages to be inexpensive.

Additionally, this product offers a two-year guarantee that protects against any manufacturing defects.

Whether you’re a passionate gamer or an office worker, this mouse is a wonderful addition in almost any environment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Optical tracking with 16,000 DPI resolution
  • Programmable buttons
  • Chroma RGB lighting
  • Tactile scroll wheel
  • Offers a 2-year warranty

7. J-Tech Digital Mouse

Digital MouseIf you prefer a product that will turn heads at the office, check out the wired vertical mouse from J-Tech Digital.

Upon first glance, you’ll note the mouse’s blue LED trim which offers the product a contemporary look.

If you decide on preserving battery life, you can without difficulty, turn the LED lights off using the light switch on the underside of the unit.

You can choose DPI modes of 800, 1,200, and 1,600 using the DPI switch on the bottom of the mouse.

Back and forward triggers straddle the mouse’s thumb rest and allow you to navigate your window or net browser conveniently.

One of the characteristic elements of this unique mouse is its detachable palm rest which not only offers a comfortable, anti-sweat rest for the user’s hand but also prevents the whole unit from sliding or skidding.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Replicate a natural handshake position
  • Features a detachable palm rest
  • Contemporary blue LED lights to define shapes and design
  • Adjustable DPI with ranges from 800 through to 1600 available
  • Widely well-matched with a host of operating systems

8. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Sculpt Ergonomic MouseIf you want to decide on a product from a highly reputable giant in computer mouse technology, look no further than the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse from none other than Microsoft.

With an ergonomic, sculpted design, this mouse encourages a natural posture decreasing the stress on hand and wrist muscles.

As for buttons, the Microsoft Sculpt provides masses of convenience for quick navigation.

A back button makes it handy to backtrack as needed while a four-way scroll button allows smooth and fluid movement within documents, folders, and browsers.

Finally, a one-touch Windows button permits you to omit many clicks and takes you to your foremost menu quickly.

By plugging in the mouse’s USB receiver which is included with the mouse, a pair of AA batteries powers this mouse, and you’re able to connect your mouse to your computer through wireless technology.

This little, rounded mouse is an excellent option for those who have smaller fingers or who suffer from wrist pains and may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Sculpt can be purchased at a fairly reasonable price making it an excellent investment for Microsoft users who would choose to remain loyal to a global, reliable brand.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic, sculpted design
  • One-touch Windows menu button
  • Back button
  • 4-way scrolling
  • Powered by using two AA batteries

9. Evoluent VM4R Vertical Mouse For Right Hands

Vertical Wired Mouse
If you work with your right hand and are looking for a top high-quality vertical mouse that works for you; take a look at this innovative mouse solution from Evoluent.

This mouse helps your hand in a vertical upright position, stopping you from bending your wrist in a way that is disastrous for its long-term health.

You are inspired to use your entire forearm to move the mouse.

However, you can also use it by moving your wrist in a healthy up and down motion (as opposed to side to side).

Unlike a lot of different vertical mouses you will see, it has a wide lip around the edge that prevents your little finger from rubbing on the table.

This is the mouse for those who work with their right hands only which you would possibly think is not a problem if you are right-handed.

But if you ever have someone who wants to show you something necessary quickly and they are left-handed, then you are each out of luck.

We would additionally have preferred this mouse to be wireless, as everything is better wireless.

However, as far as scientific design is concerned, it is the right choice.

This mouse works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can simply plug in the USB and go.

You can even personalize the mouse by using the mouse management software to set what buttons do and you can also alter the speed of the cursor to work better for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Prevents unhealthy wrist movement
  • Configurable buttons
  • Configurable speed
  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux

10. HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse 2.4GHz Mouse

Ergonomic Wireless MouseIf you want to see a wireless vertical mouse at its best, you should buy the Havit Ergonomic now.

It comes with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology through which you can operate the system from a distance of 10 meters without any problem.

The mouse is convenient to control as you can adjust DPI levels as per your needs with the in-built DPI switch.

Overall, it is the best vertical mouse with a variety of buttons to make the experience smoother for the user.

The design lets it expediently fit in your palm and is dedicated to present smooth movement when using.

This optical vertical mouse from HAVIT possesses lots of useful and advanced features.

Its base comes with a USB receptor for effective communication of WiFi signals.

With the implementation of ergonomic design, this mouse is made in a counter form to perfectly fit into your palm.

The mouse facilitates smooth motion while in use and also averts wrist strain.

The connection established is reliable due to the fact that there is the implementation of ultra-modern 2.4GHz wireless technology.

Using this technology, the mouse can actually be operated from a maximum distance of 10m at any angle without any interference.

There are three adjustable DPI levels and you can change them from 800/ 1200/ 1600dpi easily.

It is quite easy to control this mouse with the use of six buttons.

These buttons are left, right, scroll wheel, forward, back, and DPI button.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Power saving mode
  • Can be used up to 49 feet away
  • Three DPI levels
  • No driver needed

Final Thoughts

Science has helped to create ergonomic mouses that enable customers to work on their PCs and laptops for many hours.

This list of the excellent ergonomic mouses is meant to cowl the vast spectrum of customers and different preferences when it comes to not just an ergonomic mouse, but a mouse in general.

Read first the pros and benefits of each mouse above carefully to see which one covers all of your needs so that you can decide on the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain for you.

No one size matches all in the world of ergonomic design and the high-quality ergonomic mouse for you doesn’t only conform to your body perfectly but also your workflows and improved productivity.

You owe it to your body to begin paying serious attention to that little device that you grapple with so many hours every day.

Constant pain, nerve damage, and even disability could be in the cards if we don’t think about the ergonomics of the mouse we use day in and out.

There is a perfect ergonomic mouse for you in this list.

Find it first before spending another dime on the brand-new graphics card or vivid accessory for your PC.

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