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10 Best Ergonomic Baby Spoons & Their Reviews For 2021

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When babies begin on solid food, it is considered an important milestone in their early growth and development that’s why ergonomic baby spoons are very important.

A good baby spoon is ideally a small spoon with a soft tip so babies can not only handle it easily but it doesn’t hurt their gentle gums.

The protection of the baby’s gum and delicate mouth needs extra care for them to taste and enjoy new flavors.

It’s generally desirable for the baby’s spoon to be of good quality (food-grade material).

Features like silicon tips, anti-choke guards, and ergonomically designed handles are among the many available.

But, with a huge variety of spoons available each claiming to be the best, how do you choose the one that is right for your baby?

Look no further as here’s a selection of the best ergonomic baby spoons with complete information that will help you to select the best baby spoon for your young one.

Table of Contents

1. Olababy 100% Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon

100% Silicone Soft-Tip Training SpoonThe Olababy Training Spoon, though slightly higher on the pricey side, is an award-winning product as it brings together an impeccable combination of style and utility.

It’s easy to hold and is very pleasing to the eyes.

Its design enables the baby to hold it from various angles.

Owing to its soft silicone tip, the spoon protects babies from gum damage whether you are introducing self-feeding or baby-led weaning.

The capacity of the spoon is perfect for babies just starting on solid food as it allows just enough quantity that is right for the baby’s tiny mouth.

The spoons are dishwasher safe and easy to clean so parents can surely save on extra time and effort in cleaning the utensils.

Babies often get agitated due to teething gums.

Olababy spoons are freezer-friendly and can be put in the freezer to act as a teether.

Your baby can chew on it while he or she eats.

The product is durable and made of fine quality silicon.

For parents wishing for babies to self-feed, the spoons are an excellent starting point as the babies can get a better grip that eases self-feeding.

The spoons come as a 2-pack set and they can also be considered as a perfect (practical) gift at baby showers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed to fit baby’s small hands
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Helps baby to learn self-feeding
  • Soft material enables the baby to pick up food at multiple angles
  • Spoon’s base ensures that it stands straight, hence, keeps it hygienic
  • Works well as a teether

2. Baby Utensils Spoons Forks Set

Baby Utensils Spoons Forks SetThis option is best suited for people looking for a travel-friendly and portable set.

It comes with a travel case which makes it easy to take utensils along in the diaper bag.

The travel case is convenient and ensures that no matter where your baby utensils are will stay incredibly clean.

The set is well suited for special needs kids as the utensils are very flexible and can be bent in any direction in many different degrees.

The spoons can be bent as much or as little as your baby needs.

Sometimes, if the baby is in your lap while feeding, aiming for the mouth might not be so easy with a straight spoon, but the bending effect of the spoons would do wonders for you.

The fork and spoon both have an ergonomically designed wide handle (covered by TPE soft glue) which helps the baby to grip it easily.

The size would fit well in the baby’s mouth and it offers perfect portion, especially for first stage babies.

The set is made of a material which is BPA-free and food-grade quality.

The soft round edges are soft and well suited for delicate gums and won’t hurt the baby.

The spoons are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

As your baby grows, their needs change very quickly with time.

The adjustable angles ensure that the spoons adjust with him as he grows and learns to self-feed.

The set comes in a variety of vibrant colors to choose from.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes in a compact travel case
  • Ergonomic design, flexible, and can bend to the various angles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free

3. BEABA First Stage Baby Feeding Spoon Set

First Stage Baby Feeding Spoon SetThe spoons are perfect for babies of 4months+.

They are made from platinum grade silicone which is a naturally porous material and wonderfully soft for baby’s gums!

The smart ergonomically designed handle is soft to the touch, easy to grip, and the handle has the perfect length for scooping food from the jars.

They’re not too wide and they have sort of a well at the back.

It’s free from any metallic or uneven edges that could hurt a baby’s gentle gums.

Mealtime with a baby or a toddler can be messy.

No kid is a pro from the start and even the neatest little will need some time to perfect their self-feeding moves.

The spoon depth offers just the right amount of portion for babies learning to self-feed.

The spoons reduce the risk of choking so you can safely introduce baby to solids.

The flexible yet sturdy handle works well with the baby’s hand-mouth coordination.

The spoons can be slightly pricy but they make up for that by being extremely durable.

They are dishwasher safe and will continue to look great even after many washes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers various cool color combinations
  • Made with food-grade silicone to protect the baby’s gums and teeth
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Perfect spoon depth
  • Comes from a trusted & well-known brand

4. Munchkin 12 Piece Soft-Tip Infant Spoons

12 Piece Soft-Tip Infant SpoonsMunchkin’s Soft Tip Infant Spoons are for those who are looking for an item that is easy on the pocket yet is packed with all the significant features.

The spoons are specially designed to help you with the baby’s first feedings.

The handle is ergonomically designed which ensures that babies can easily hold them and maintain their grip while eating.

The soft tips and curved shape head is gentle on teething gums.

The not so deep spoon bowl restricts the portion size to the desired level.

The spoons are softer and lighter as compared to other spoons hence they adjust well with babies starting to learn motor skills.

They come in a set of 12 a pack which means you will most probably have a few clean spoons at the ready for mealtime.

Life with little ones can be very busy and small utensils tend to get lost.

Since the spoons are quite pocket-friendly, it’s not a burden even if you lose a few.

The material is high-quality food-grade plastic and dishwasher free.

The set has a fun color combo which is very attractive for babies

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rounded, soft spoon bowls are extremely gentle on baby’s gums
  • The ergonomically-designed handle is comfortable to hold
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for babies of 3 months and up

5. NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensilsThis spoon has innovative features and it’s suitable for babies aged 6-18 months.

The spoons are designed in a way that they have a flat head, hence, there is no wrong way to hold it and put in the baby’s mouth.

It is great for this age as babies have limited movement and limited hand maneuvers.

Stage One GOOtensil for beginners acts as a great mealtime teether spoon to soothe sore gums!

When babies are learning to self-feed, mealtimes can be messy.

With Num Num’s innovative design, food doesn’t fall off and mealtime becomes less challenging for parents.

The ergonomically designed handles are comfortable to hold and of just the right length and width for the baby’s small hand.

Some baby spoons can be too flexible for babies to handle, Num Num Gootensils are soft to touch yet sturdy to help baby’s hand to mouth motion.

Parents will love that they’re dishwasher safe as well as PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free.

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils are sold in a dual-stage set.

Stage one GOOtensil for beginners acts as a teether and holds a minimal amount for food for initial taste development.

It’s designed to hold thinner first foods with ease.

Stage Two GOOtensil is for toddlers who are now able to easily maneuver the utensils.

Stage 2 spoons can hold more food due to its design.

It also works well with solids.

As the set comes with spoons for multiple stages, it helps prepare your baby to easily transition from introduction to a utensil to being ready for a spoon with one set.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Innovative flat design
  • A 2 in 1 pack
  • Available in different color and quantity combinations
  • Doubles as a teether to soothe gums
  • Made from highest quality FDA-grade silicone

6. M KITCHEN WORLD Baby Spoons

M KITCHEN WORLD Baby SpoonsThese spoons are for those looking for a good quality durable product.

They have an airplane-like shape and due to its soft material, it’s extremely comfy on gums and can help babies with sore gums.

It can double as a teether and babies can play and chew on them even when it is not mealtime.

The spoons have a heat indicator, they change color if the food is too hot as per the standard benchmark suggested for babies.

The handles are flexible and its ergonomic design helps the baby to self-feed and adjust to various angles.

The spoons are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe which is always an added advantage as it eases product maintenance.

The scoop size allows only enough food so that the baby does not choke while self-feeding.

Made with 100% toxin-free, food-grade BPA, lead, phthalate, and plastic-free silicone, hypoallergenic, and ultra-soft to protect baby’s gums and teeth.

Carefully designed toy life shape encourages babies to self-feed and masters fine motor skills.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Children’s product certificate approved
  • Durable lifetime guarantee
  • An attractive toy-like shape
  • Heat indicator

7. Avanchy First Stage Baby Feeding Spoons Natural Bamboo

First Stage Baby Feeding Spoons Natural BambooFor those of you looking for an organic product that is both beautiful & sustainable, Avanchy First Stage Baby Feeding Spoons made from natural bamboo is a perfect choice.

It is a great option if you feel your baby is prone to allergies and can be sensitive to materials found in other spoons.

The product is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and free from harmful chemicals so your little one has a safer mealtime.

Thanks to the ergonomic design small babies can easily grab and operate the bamboo spoon.

Many a time babies like to take their time as they eat, the spoons provide a lightweight, sturdy, and fun to look at utensils to keep babies entertained while they are eating or just playing with their food.

Soft silicone tip is gentle on baby’s delicate gums and also doubles as a teether, so babies with teething issues can enjoy chewing at the silicon tips.

The soft round edges are soft and well suited for delicate gums and won’t hurt the baby.

The flexible spoon tip will pick up any food and the shallow scoop size would restrict big mouthfuls which can cause choking.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design features a sturdy, reinforced neck that’s easy for the baby to handle
  • Soft silicone material
  • Bright colors to keep your baby’s attention on the spoons while eating
  • Safe and sustainable material

8. Babie B Baby Spoon Silicone Soft-Tip Infant & Toddlers Spoons

Baby Spoon Silicone Soft-Tip Infant & Toddlers SpoonsThe spoons have silicon tips that are gentle on the baby’s tongue and gums.

It can be used as soon as 4-6 months old.

It protects the infant baby’s delicate sore tender gums and new teeth.

Soft edge doesn’t cause pain for babies when he or she is teething.

The spoons come in cheery bright colors which keeps babies interested in them while eating.

The spoons are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean so parents can surely save on extra time and effort in cleaning the utensils.

Mealtime can be messy and babies tend to throw utensils on the floor at times.

Having multiple spoons will ensure that you have a stock to go through mealtime without having to stop again and again for washing.

The flexible and bendable handle is ergonomically designed to grab food at multiple angles.

A non-slip handle increases control for tiny eaters, it perfectly fits your child’s chubby little hands.

The spoons are perfectly-sized so they serve the baby the right bite portion every time reducing the risk of choking.

Gently ensure nourishment reaches its destination with soft-tip edges that protect the baby’s sensitive lips and gums.

Naturally keeps the baby safe & makes you experience peace of mind because Babie B’s products are free of toxins.

They are BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

The spoons come as a 5-pack set.

They can also be considered as a perfect (practical) gift at baby showers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Soft silicone tip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • BPA-free
  • Can serve as a gift pack
  • Ergonomic design

9. First Essentials by NUK Rest Easy Spoons, 6 Pack

Rest Easy Spoons, 6 PackThese spoons have an innovative design.

They are ideal for baby’s aged 4 months and up.

They have built-in support that keeps the spoon slightly above the resting surface hence they remain hygienic and the surface remains mess-free.

The spoons are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

They are made up of high-quality silicone.

The soft tip is gentle on gums.

The ergonomically-designed handle is easy to grip and it is good to scrap food from every corner of the jar.

The length of the handle, however, is more suited to an adult feeding the baby and not the baby self-feeding.

Mealtime can surely be messy sometimes.

The spatula-shaped spoon head not only helps scrape food off the jar it can also help wipe the baby’s mouth after every morsel.

The head shape also works well with multiple types of purees and even semi-solid foods.

The spoons come as a 5 pack set with attractive gender-neutral colors, hence, ideal for giving as a present at baby showers or to new parents.

If you are buying it for yourself, having multiple spoons will ensure that you have a stock to go through mealtime without having to stop again and again for washing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The innovative design (spoon bowl never rests on the table)
  • Help keep germs off the spoon and mess off your table
  • A super-soft tip that is gentle on teeth and gums
  • 6 spoons per pack in gender-neutral colors

10. Grabease Silicone Baby Training Spoon & Chewable Toy

Silicone Baby Training Spoon & Chewable ToyThis spoon is perfect if your baby is just starting on solids and you worry that he/she can choke while eating.

The spoons are the best when it comes to preventing choking hazards in very small babies just shifting from liquid to semi-solids.

The spoons have an anti-choke guard that restricts the spoon to go further into the baby’s mouth.

The spoon comes with a baby clip which will keep the spoon close off the floor and hygienic.

The ergonomic design is perfect for little hands.

The textured handle offers an easy grip.

Grabease’s baby chewable spoon toy is made up of pacifying textures and food-grade silicone.

The material is made from food-grade silicone so you can trust the product quality.

The soft tips and curved shape head is gentle on gums.

It also works as a teether and provides much-needed comfort to sore gums at the time of teething.

By learning to handle the toy-shaped spoon baby practices gripping a spoon fostering a natural transition from teething to self-feeding.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Doubles as a teether
  • Perfect size for tiny hands
  • Comes with a cloth clip
  • Anti choke barrier

Why Choosing A Good Baby Spoon Is Important?

Baby spoons are often not given the importance they deserve.

Take it from an experienced mom, once your baby is at a stage where you start solid or semi-solid food, things do get a little challenging and a little messy.

It’s a lot messier than we would like.

Babies at this stage are restless, they don’t want to sit through long meal times.

In addition to that, babies have a tiny mouth and soft and delicate gums that might be already sore due to teething, so you can’t just use any normal utensils.

Having a supply of specially-designed baby feeding spoons will not only make mealtimes less messy and challenging but will save you a lot of effort as well.

The product you choose should not only be able to ensure an appropriate bite but should be well built to protect their delicate gums and mouth.

Before finalizing, try and analyze your schedule and routines.

Do you travel a lot or you are more concerned about cleaning effort?

This will help you make the right choice.

As for babies who travel frequently, a set with a travel case would be preferred, and other factors like that.

Final Thoughts

There’s a huge marketplace available online which offers a wide range of products to choose from depending on your baby’s needs and eating patterns.

Every product above brings a different set of features and one of those combinations will surely fit your needs and also your baby’s needs.

Every parent and every baby is different, so you might want to try a couple of different options and see which one works best for you.

Do remember these sets are an ideal gift for baby showers and new parents who would need these sooner than they think.

The above are the 10 best ergonomic baby spoons based on price, features, and customer reviews.

If you know the one that’s not on the list but should be, let us know in the comments below.

Happy parenting!

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