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10 Best Motorcycle Ergonomic Products & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Getting a long ride peacefully over your motorcycle is a dream for everyone, that’s why its important to pay attention to your motorcycle ergonomics.

You may feel irritated because of an uncomfortable seat, slippy and warm handle grips, thumb pain because of the very small and strong throttle, and even uncomfortable hand gloves.

For bikers, using their motorcycle is an important part of this routine, so, instead of spoiling your ride by using terrible products, you must try to find comfortable products.

Knowing the right product to purchase from the vast variety available can be overwhelming, as several brands and products stream into the market each day.

If this is your dilemma, then you don’t have to worry, as we’ve prepared this article about ergonomic motorcycle products, especially for you to have a heavenly ride.

Ergonomic products are so much better than regular products, as they provide comfort, along with decreased fatigue, and increased satisfaction for your ride, which is something we all desire.

If you are interested in learning a thing or two about motorcycle ergonomics, then you may want to stick around, and peruse this article.

Table of Contents

1. Airhawk Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Airhawk seat
First of all to get a ride we have to get seated over the motorcycle, and if the seat of the motorcycle is comfortable, then we can have a comfortable ride.

To provide that, Airhawk introduced motorcycle seat cushion products, which are one of the highest-rated products available online.

It comes with relieving built-in features, and gradually decrease the pressure point on the tailbone, prostate, and scrotum, eventually giving comfort to you and your ride.

This cushion comes with a cell technology that is patented, and it prevents injuries due to pressure, ensuring everlasting comfort while seating for a long-lasting, enjoyable ride.

The design of the cushion is completely ergonomic, with its center cutout area running front to the back of the cushion, and the back cutaway allows for a tailbone relief area, along with a tapered transition to increase comfort in riding.

The material of the air pad is very durable and is made of polyurethane, and the cover is made of breathable spacer mesh cloth, with a red vinyl accent.

The 3-layers of knit polyester, provide good air circulation and a non-skid bottom.

The cushion’s cell height lowers in front to give an easy and better passage of leg, and also with almost no effect on the height you usually ride.

The unique part of this cushion is, that it is re-designed with a cell geometry, such that it improves the flow of air under the rider.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built-in relieving features decreases pressure
  • Patented cell technology prevents injuries
  • Complete ergonomic design and the tapered transition increase comfort
  • Made of high-quality durable material and the cushion provides a non-skid bottom
  • Re-designed cell geometry improves the flow of air under the rider

2. All-Rite Products Throttle Extender

Allrite extender
The throttle is something important for a motorcycle, and it is sometimes the most hesitating part of the motorcycle.

Many of us may have faced problems with the throttle, because of its short and strong nature, which eventually increases pain in thumb and hand fatigue.

Here comes the ‘All Rite Products Thumbuddy Throttle Extender’, which is one of the most preferred ergonomic motorcycle products available, and is a reliable product. 

The ergonomically designed, rubber shape of this throttle extender, reduces hand fatigue and helps to relieve the thumb from a long day ride.

To wrap around your motorcycle’s throttle, this throttle extender is attached with 3 UV resistant zip ties, which locks into the grooves on the throttle extender.

This complete process is easy and quick to install, and the best part is that this product is customizable.

It can be bent and formed in such a manner, that it can be custom fit for either larger hands or smaller hands, depending on your need. 

This throttle extender’s core is completely made of bendable, stainless steel, and is covered with soft and thick rubber, to provide a strong grip.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for people suffering from hand fatigue and thumb pain due to throttle
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable product and completely reliable
  • Customizable, you can bend to custom-fit, based on the size of your hand
  • The core made bendable stainless steel and covered with rubber to provide grip

3. Kuryakyn Handlebar Grips

Kuryakyn grips
In riding your bike, you always have your hands over the handles, and the most irritating problem with handles is the slippery non-grip nature while driving.

Even due to long-time handling of handles, we also suffer from the heat under our palms, so having a good ergonomic handle grip is a must.

The ‘Kuryakyn Handlebar Grips’, is one of the highest-rated handle grips available online.

The placement of the grip dampens the handlebar vibration of the vehicle, that affects your hand and instead, it provides a soft and non-slip grip surface.

These handlebars come with unique recessions between the grip pads, that allow a good flow of air to reach your hands, and also due to the flow of air, it gives relief from the heat.

These handlebars can also be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars, due to the unique end bars that are removable.

This product includes a set of gloss clutch side grips and is black.

These handle grips are compatible with ‘Harley-Davidson models’, with dual cable throttle control.

This product is very useful for you if, you’re facing problems with your current handle grips, due to the heat under hands and slippy nature.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One of the best handle grip products available online
  • The grip dampens handle vibration
  • Provides a soft and non-slip grip
  • A Unique recession between grip pads allows a good flow of air below your palm
  • Best to have a strong, non-slip grip over handles and reduced heat under your palm

4. Blok-IT Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Blok-it gloves
The BLOK-IT motorcycle gloves are, one of the highest sold leather hand gloves, available in the market.

They’re completely made of high quality and soft leather, which is warm and very comfortable for outdoor use.

The stylish design, with an adjustable strap around the wrist, gives a perfect fit to your hand.

All the main seams of the gloves are double stitched, and the beautiful design of the gloves, which is fully padded, provides you great comfort while riding.

The gloves are ‘3M Thinsulate Thermal’, specially made for bikers, and are made of a material that provides warmth, comfort, and protection to you while driving, and are highly durable. 

The product comes with an ergonomic design to provide comfort, flexibility, and dexterity when riding your motorcycle.

It can be used in outdoor travels, and are highly preferable while traveling in colder places. 

These gloves can be used by both men, and women, as they are completely windproof and waterproof, providing complete comfort while you are riding.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Completely made of leather
  • The ergonomic design gives you great comfort, flexibility, and dexterity
  • The material is soft and keeps your hand warm 
  • These are ultra-durable 3M Thinsulate thermal gloves
  • Highly recommended for outdoor rides and riding to cold locations.

5. IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Gloves

Iron Jia's gloves
We travel very smoothly and comfortably, but while traveling long distances, we take breaks, or sometimes, we may get an emergency call and need to use touch screen mobiles, etc.

However, to use them, we may not have the time to remove gloves and use the phone, and it is not possible to use a phone with gloves on.

Here come the IRON JIA’S special sports leather gloves.

This is made of high-end special ergonomic design, that provides hard shell protection, which is particularly made considering security and aesthetics.

The unique part of these gloves is the special material used at the fingertips, that provides you the opportunity to operate your mobile phone, even when you wear these gloves. 

These Ergonomic hand gloves are made of hardcore, which is a hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell, that is provided with a shock-absorbing foam, for a general protective effect.

This product is made of 3-dimensional breathable mesh fabric, with the leather attached to fingertip impact protection, and it also has laminated safety for gloves to be detected and used at night.

The part between the thumb and the index finger is protected by Suede material, thus reducing the time between the use of gloves and motorcycle wear, eventually increasing the grip over the handle of your motorcycle. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • The ergonomic design provides high shell protection
  • Can be also used while operating your phone
  • Hand core is made of a hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell
  • Has laminated safety to make gloves usable at night safely
  • Has suede leather in between the thumb and index fingers, easily wearable and gives a strong handle grip

6. HOMMIESAFE Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Every one of us expects to have a peaceful long ride.

When you need to have the best cushions which provide you great comfort and ensures a flexible and comfortable long ride, it’s necessary to have a new material airbag cushion. 

The ergonomic seat cushion by Hommisafe is made using a mosaic of small cushions, that can be filled with air or water, and this air convection technology that is produced, and the anti-gravity effect offers support for your spine, hip, and thigh while driving. 

This seat cushion also helps in shock absorption and provides stress relief, while you are riding your motorcycle. 

If you’re required to get seated over your motorcycle for a long time, then you may face irritation due to the heat we face with other seat cushions, but the shallow groove design of this product makes you stay cool, even in these situations.

The cushion is completely non-stick and very comfortable, due to the 3d airbag ventilation effect, and the structure of this cushion is such a way that it decreases the heat transfer between the legs, and the seat so that the cooling can be achieved. 

For having more relief from the heat, you can add water to the motorcycle pad cushion, and this helps disperse heat, ultimately helping you cool down. 

This seat cushion is made of a delicate and soft lycra diving elastic fabric, and it greatly improves the feel of the cushion, helping creases get recovered.

The TPU fabric is of high load-bearing capacity, shock resistant, and impact-resistant, making this cushion durable for a long. 

This cushion cannot get deformed and is of high rebound, and this cushion can be repeatedly washed. 

The double bandage fixation follows the cross-wrapping, to make the seat cushion fit the seat perfectly, making it stay wherever you want.

The cushion is made of anti-skid particles to give a perfect grip and comfort, even the bottom the cushion is made of anti-slip particles, to make it more restraint and stable.

It’s important to note, that this cushion is best to use in the rear position.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best cushion to provide great comfort for long journeys
  • Highly recommended for professional riders
  • Always makes you feel comfortable, keeps you cool, and relieves from heat produced sitting for a long time over the seat
  • Made of high-quality fabric and material which is shock-resistant and durable
  • Easy to fix to your seat and gives a non-slip and non-skid grip

7. KiWAV Ergonomic Hand Control Levers

KiWAV levers
The Hand control levers are the tools that provide control over the difficult to reach controls, like brakes and clutch, which we usually control with legs.

Having these levers makes controls easy, but it is best to have ergonomic and comfortable levers, to make your ride enjoyable.

The ‘KiWAV Edge Cut Ergonomic Hand Control Levers’, are one of the few available ergonomic hand control levers, available online.

These hand levers are very easy to install, as a replacement for the previous ones.

These are very wide levers, with very smooth edges to give a smooth grip and comfort.

The ergonomic design of these levers gives an easy hold and comfort, for your long drives.

These hand control levers can’t be used for police models, and they cannot be equipped with motorcycles that have a hydraulic clutch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One of the few available ergonomic hand control levers
  • Very easy to replace and install
  • Wide levers with smooth edges provide good grip and comfort
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Cannot be equipped to police models and models having a hydraulic clutch

8. Surpassme Motorcycle Grips

Surpassme grips
These Handlebar grips from Surpassme, are absolutely the best handlebar grips, to provide vintage and cool looks for your motorcycle.

It’s also one of the highest-rated grips available online, which is known for its precise dimensions and vintage look.

These grips have a dimension of 7/8”(22mm), for the left handlebar, and 1”(24mm), for the right handlebar of your vehicle.

These grips are completely smooth, soft to use, and also shock-resistant.

These handlebar grips provide a strong and non-slip grip, along with great comfort while you are riding.

These are specially made to look vintage, giving you and your motorcycle a cool and vintage look while riding.

These non-slippery and comfort providing handle grips are best, to relieve hand fatigue during long rides and let you feel comfortable.

These handle grips are very easy to install and are available and best for Harley, Honda triumph, Yamaha Kawasaki, and are also available for ATV.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Are made of fixed dimensions
  • Provide a cool and vintage look for your motorcycle
  • The ergonomic design is best for giving comfort and relieving hand fatigue on long rides
  • Very soft and shock-resistant
  • Available for Harley, Honda Triumph, Yamaha Kawasaki, and also for ATV

9. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

This INNOGLOW motorcycle handlebar grip is one of the unique handlebar grips, with a throttle assist 

It’s one of the most recommended ergonomic handlebar grips.

The non-slip design, of these handlebar grips, dampens the already existing vibrations of the vehicle.

Besides dampening the existing vibration of the vehicle, these grips give a strong grip to you over the handles, along with comfort.

If you already have an existing handlebars grip, it doesn’t matter, you can easily install these grips, by just directly replacing the existing handlebars.

Comes in various handlebar sizes, so you can choose the appropriate one for you, based on your motorcycle. 

These are made of high-quality aluminum and rubber lining, which provides a non-slip strong grip

These ergonomic handlebars are comfortable to use, and are long-lasting/durable, for long term use.

The unique feature of these handlebar grips is, that they give throttle assistance to your motorcycle while riding and are best for Harley, Yamaha Kawasaki, and Suzuki Cruiser motorbike’s choppers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique to give throttle assist for your motorcycle
  • Ergonomic design gives great comfort and a non-slip grip
  • These dampen the vibration of the vehicle to provide comfort
  • It is easy to install over the already existing handlebar grips
  • These handlebar grips are durable and made of high-quality aluminum and rubber lining to give a strong grip

10. KiWAV Motorcycle Throttle Holder

The KiWAV motorcycle throttle holder is unique, and one of the best ergonomic motorcycle products. 

You can use this throttle holder, without having to squeeze the handlebar grip of your motorcycle.

This is the best use for your long journeys, as the short and wide ergonomics wave-like shape design, gets rid of numb fingers while you try to maintain the speed in those journeys.

This throttle holder comes with rubber inside it, which makes the friction between your hand, and the handle grips, so that you can have a strong non-slip grip over the handles. 

You can use this throttle holder even if you are riding with heavy gloves, as this provides an ergonomic grip, with great comfort and a strong grip over the handles of your motorcycle.

Also, it can be easily used with heavy gloves, this motorcycle throttle holder by KiWAV is said to be a must-have ergonomic product, for every motorcycle rider.

It gives a relaxed hand for long journeys, which is short and wider to use. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Must have ergonomic throttle holders for every rider
  • The short and wide wave-like design avoids you having numb fingers to maintain the speed in long journeys
  • You can use this without having to squeeze the handlebar grip
  • Can be used with heavy gloves
  • The rubber inside increases friction between your hand and grips to give a strong non-slip grip over handles

Final Thoughts

Riding your most loved motorcycle is one of the most exciting and enjoyable things for many, and we may plan long rides with our loved ones, with our gang of friends, or even go on a lonely and peaceful long ride.

But what if we get disturbed because of thumb pain due to throttle, or irritating heat produced with our gloves or seat cushion, or getting unable to use your hand control levers with ease, etc which makes our most-awaited, and highly expected ride, completely ruined.

Many of us don’t wish to have such disturbances as we ride, and also it’s very difficult to choose the most appropriate or most useful product, be it handle grips or throttle extender, or seat cushion and gloves, etc, choosing a product completely depends on your need. 

Motorcycle ergonomics is something you must take note of if, you are into bikes, as getting a very comfortable motorcycle and accessories, makes life easy.

The hand gloves, throttle holder, throttle extender, seat cushions, or handlebar grips, are all ergonomic motorcycle products.

Did you notice any important products you believe should have made this list? – Let’s know in the comments below.

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