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10 Best Ergonomic Desk Setups With Two Monitors

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Tim Rhodes

The one thing you can never go wrong about in your workplace is creating the perfect ergonomic environment for yourself with the ergonomic desk setup with two monitors.

Your workplace should help you work and be successful rather than cripple you down and have you dealing with unnecessary costs like low back disorder correction.

When you are setting up your workplace, whether at your office or home, studies have shown that if you do it right chances of increasing productivity and personal satisfaction are high.

This is to say that you will need to design your workplace whilst considering not how it will look but also how convenient it will be for you.

Setting up the perfect workplace will entail a lot of processes ranging from picking the right chair for yourself to choosing the ideal desk to go with it, plus the monitors and the peripherals that are going to be mounted on your desk.

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10 Best Ergonomic Desk Setups With Two Monitors

Desks in workplaces are the heart of it all and thus making the right choice of the ergonomic desk setup with two monitors should be a top priority for you.

The setup of your workplace, therefore, should be able to enhance your comfort and give your space an organized feel.

1. Modern Home Office Desk Setup

Have you always had that desire to transform your home office and give it that extra comfy and elegant feel?

Then this desk setup is going to help you achieve your dreams.

The setup has an adjustable chair that allows you to maintain the right posture while working, and therefore reduces fatigue and enhances your comfortability while working, and thus increases your productivity and ensures that you are efficient on the tasks that you are set.

The monitors are placed side by side which allows for efficiency and makes it easy for you especially if you have multiple tasks that you need to accomplish and this is going to perfectly work for you mainly if you work in the design field.

The monitors are placed at a raised position to ensure that you have the correct height and this reduces the straining of your eyes, and undoubtedly increases your efficiency and reduces cases of eye damage.

The peripherals are neatly arranged below the monitors to enhance quick and comfortable navigation as you conduct your day to day tasks.

The cords of the monitors and the peripherals are kept away, and this ensures that your working space is tidy increasing your comfort as you perform your tasks, and this increases your productivity.

The keeping away of the cords also reduces accidents as lying cords can make you slip and fall.

The setup has a wall built shelf that enhances the organization of your workplace as the shelf holds appliances that you are not frequently using, such as the headphones.

The shelf can also be used to hold items that add a decorative touch to your dull wall such as small plants.

If you are therefore looking for a clean and comfortable home office desk setup, this setup can never be a wrong idea.

Here you can get a view of the setup and how all the appliances are placed.

2. Mac Setup

If you want a simple design that is going to make your office work easier, then all you have to do is hold on for you are at the perfect spot.

The setup has a uniquely designed chair to ensure you’re comfortable as you perform your various tasks.

The design is such that your back is positioned correctly.

Therefore you can be able to maintain the correct posture while working, and this reduces fatigue plus back pains thus increasing your productivity.

The monitors are placed such that one is straight ahead and the other one tilts at an angle directly towards your face, and this ensures that you can perform several tasks on the different monitors hence ensuring efficiency as you don’t have to use one monitor for all the tasks.

The keyboard and the mouse are placed at the center of the two monitors hence ensuring that you can easily navigate through both of them reducing fatigue, especially on the neck hence avoiding neck pains.

This also ensures that you can comfortably work within reach of the two monitors hence increasing your efficiency.

The setup has a vertical side shelf that is placed against the wall to hold appliances that aren’t used continuously hence reducing the congestion on the desk and enhancing organization.

The setup allows for an additional chair at the front of the desk, and this gives space for clients or visitors to sit when they visit your workplace, and this improves the interaction between you and your client hence enabling your efficiency in your workplace.

This comprises the hardware components of the desk setup.

3. Two Computer Desk Setup

If you are looking for a desk set up that ensures that the accessibility of the appliances in use is at hand, then this setup is going to suit you perfectly well.

The desk has a unique round shape at the seat’s side ensuring that you can easily access all the appliances on the desk, and this reduces on movement as you are in the working process thus reducing fatigue and enhancing your productivity.

The monitors are placed side to side and then tilted an angle to fit your position hence ensuring that you are comfortable as you work and therefore, you can efficiently and conveniently complete the tasks assigned to you.

The keyboard and the mouse are placed at a central position ensuring that you don’t get fatigued on your hands as you try to stretch and access them and this ensures that your productivity is increased as you can work comfortably.

Next to the chair, you have removable drawers that you can use to safely keep your belongings such as your phone and other gadgets hence enhancing organization and neatness around your workplace, therefore, ensuring that you can comfortably work from the place.

The desk is large enough to accommodate the monitors plus the other devices including the speakers hence maximizing space.

4. HP tech Takes Two Monitor Desk Setup

If what you are looking for is a workplace either at home or at your workplace that will serve you and yet still add a decorative touch, then this setup suits you perfectly.

This setup is designed in such a manner that the seat hand rest is below the height of the table.

What this means is that you will be able to rest your arms on the table while working and yet still lay them on the table at your convenience.

The seat design will enable you to get a comfortable feel while you sit down working as well as when you decide to stretch your legs.

You are also provided with the luxury of adjusting the height of the chair when need be.

The height of the desk will also enable you to rest your arms on it while still seated upright for comfortability.

If you desire to add a decorative touch, then this setup is perfect for you as there is more than enough space on the surface of the desk enabling you to have enough room for all your working equipment and yet still have enough space to place any decorative touch.

The monitors in this setup are placed in such a manner that they are side by side of each other and right before your eyes while you maintain an upright posture.

This is to say that you can check activities on your screens conveniently without straining your neck with the up and down movement of your head.

5. Computer Desk Setup

If what you are looking for is a desk set up that will give you the perfect two monitor experience and add a classic look to your environment, then this is the workplace for you.

When thinking about a workplace setup, you consider the comfortability of the chair above everything else to avoid back injuries.

In this computer desk setup, you get a chair that is adjustable in all angles, thus making sure that it will be set up following your height which is an essential requirement.

Many seats are made in a manner that they will fit your height preference well but not pay regard to how your back will be to have you sit comfortably.

In this set up the seat is adjustable and allows slight back movements whenever you may require stretching.

The setup of the dual monitors in this setup is in such a manner that they are set side by side with the sides touching each other and at the same height.

What this does for you is save you the trouble of always moving your neck side to side and thus avoiding fatigue.

The setup of the monitors will also make sure that you will not lose sight of what is happening on one screen while working on the other.

The desk in any work setup is essential, especially when it comes to regard to the height of an individual.

The setup here ensures no strain on the legs while you work, and you can comfortably stretch your legs whenever need be.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Side by side monitor setup
  • Perfect height table

6. IKEA Linnmon Adils Computer Desk Setup With Drawer for Dual Monitors

If you are in search of a desk setup that you will have in your home and still get that office feel, then this is the product for you.

This desk setup is also ideal if you work in an office and you love to keep stuff that you consider private with you.

This setup will offer you a comfortable seat, in all aspects and adjustable in terms of height and back support flexibility.

This is to say that you will be able to manipulate the seat judging from the size of the table.

Other than this, the seat will ensure comfortability while you work and hence high productivity and good results.

The desk in this setup is, without a doubt, a sight to behold.

This desk is of perfect height for any seat and is also tailor-made to ensure that you can stretch yourself whenever need be.

If you want a table design that is simple but still strikes, you are stylish in any working environment; then this setup is perfect for you.

It comes along with tailor-made side drawers conveniently placed for you to put any personal belongings you might want to keep close.

The table in this setup has a wide surface which is what makes it possible for the two monitors to fit perfectly and yet still leave space for any decorative item.

The monitors are placed side by side to each other and at eye level, meaning that one will be able to monitor both screens without movements that may cause back or neck injury to you.

7. Cool Computer Gaming Setup

If you are a gamer, then you deserve an extraordinary gaming experience.

This setup fits you perfectly as it is not only convenient but fun.

Any gaming experience requires that you are comfortable as you will sit there for long hours and total focus is needed.

As your comfort as a gamer is of high priority, the seat in this setup is the definition of comfort.

It is of high density allowing you to experience that fun gaming feeling and also has arm resting positions for you to relax on.

When gaming, you will have your head at an upright position most of the time, and thus the set in this setup is backed up with a head and neck resting position just for you.

The table in this setup is a crucial element as gaming requires a lot of equipment, and in most cases, you will need to use them simultaneously.

The surface of the table in this setup is wide enough, allowing for space for you to conveniently rest your arms on and have enough space to place sound systems necessary for any gaming experience.

Since you may quickly get tired sitting in front of the screen for long hours stretching might not be enough.

This setup, however, offers a reg rest position for you to place your legs to prevent them from getting numb.

The screens in this setup are positioned in the middle of the table, enabling you to take a look at both screens and thus making your gaming experience perfect.

8. iMac Desk Setup

If you are looking for a setup that is going to maximize your productivity and still complement that dull space, then the iMac desk setup will suit you.

The setup is clean in that most of the appliances are kept away and just the frequently used ones are kept at your reach, and this enhances the organization; thus, the comfortability of your working space.

The monitors in this setup are such that one is in landscape mode and the other one is in portrait mode, and this enhances your efficiency as you work as you can use the portrait set monitor for secondary tasks thus boosting your productivity.

The setup has a house plant placed on the side of the desk.

This adds to the elegance of your space, and this goes a long way in enhancing your comfortability hence productivity, and now you can watch your business or company soaring to great heights.

The keyboard and the mouse are placed next to the landscape set monitor that is the primary monitor, and this ensures that you can easily control both the monitors reducing fatigue hence increasing your efficiency.

The setup has a decorative board placed on the wall next to the monitors, and this adds some decorative touch on your boring wall, and hence adding on the elegance of your space and with this working can never be boring for you.

The cords of the devices in this setup are kept away as you don’t want messy cables everywhere in your space, and this helps you in the organization of your room.

Therefore you can maintain a neat space very comfortably such that it boosts your morale to continue performing your tasks effectively.

9. Bedroom office desk setup

Are you the kind of person who loves working from the bedroom?

Do you want to transform the space in your bedroom into an office?

This setup will give you a comfy and elegant space where you can work all day without getting tired.

The setup has a movable chair where you can be able to move freely with your chair while still seated and this reduces your movements while working hence preventing the body from straining and this boosts your productivity.

The chair has a unique design to support your back perfectly, hence you’re able to maintain the right posture while working, reducing body pains such as back pains that can make you less efficient as you conduct your jobs.

The monitors are placed side to side, and then they’re both tilted at an angle to ensure that you can easily use both of them from a central position without straining.

The desk is large enough to accommodate most if not all of your appliances, including the printer and therefore you don’t have to look for more space to place your devices.

The setup has a wall built shelf that you can use to hold some of the appliances that you’re not using regularly and also you can use it to keep some of your small-sized items in your bedroom hence maximizing space.

10. Srdjan 305’s Upgraded Setup

Are you tired of your kid visiting your neighbor so that they can be able to play games?

Here is a setup that is not only going to assist you kid play their games efficiently and comfortably but also can be used as a multitasking desk as you can perform your office work from there.

The monitors in this setup are placed side to side but not close to each other hence very efficient while gaming, especially if you’ve more than one kid and they love playing games together.

The setup has an adjustable chair, so either you or your kids can be able to use the same chair comfortably as you only have to adjust the chair based on your size.

The desk has drawers on your side where you can put your files or gaming devices hence boosting the organization of your space.

The setup has a wall built shelf that you can use to place small plants or the tiny devices that you’re not continually using hence adding some elegance to your space and enhancing organization.

Final Thoughts

You can go through some difficulties trying to get the best desk setup for your workplace either at home or in the office.

The setups above, therefore, are here to make your work more comfortable as they are easy and quick to implement as long as you have the necessary equipment.

Your comfortability is key while you’re working so that you can be able to be efficient and productive.

A comfortable working space is not enough if there isn’t some decorative touch in it to complement your dull room hence boosting your morale even as you work and this setup gives you both elegance and comfortability.

In selecting the setups, you should therefore consider your needs, such as if you want a setup for gaming or office work.

The size of your space is also an essential factor that you need to look at while the ergonomic desk setup with two monitors selecting a setup that is going to work for you.

Therefore you can be able to quickly locate other appliances without much struggle hence reducing fatigue and body pains, and when you’re healthy, you’re productive.

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