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10 Best Ergonomic Desk Lamps & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

We have got you covered with the 10 best ergonomic desk lamps that you should add to your desk setup.

Did you just add a new desk setup to your home or workplace?

Or maybe, you’re planning to do so.

Whatever be the case, we know you have been looking for desk setup ideas for a while now.

Well, a desk setup is not just about a desk and a PC.

Stuff like an ergonomic desk lamp can add a lot to your desk setup both in terms of looks and productivity.

Especially, if you want a good looking setup with beautiful design aesthetics.

Table of Contents

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp 

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Were you looking for something ergonomic and yet minimal?

Well, the TaoTronics LED Lamp is what you probably need.

The lamp looks stunning with the minimal design and will add to the beauty of your desk setup.

This lamp can compliment pretty much any type of desk setup you own.

However, the design is not enough to mark it as an ergonomic product. Isn’t it?

Let me tell you that this lamp doesn’t fall short of features.

Moreover, it never compromises with your comfort.

To start the count, the lamp allows you to choose from 5 different color modes and 7 different brightness levels. You can set it up as per your comfort.

The good thing is the lamp has no glare at all.

This will help you work longer under the lamp without any discomfort or eye strains.

To add more, you can also adjust the angle of the head by rotating it. It can also be folded down.

You also get buttons to adjust the intensity and a USB port that can charge your smartphone.

All of this pretty much makes this lamp reach the top spot of this list.

It is indeed one of the best ergonomics lamps that take care of your comfort properly.

The lamp has also got that modern and minimal design coupled with a sleek form factor.

It won’t take much of your desk space as well.

The lamp itself is available in both black and white colors.

You don’t have to think twice before choosing this lamp for your office or home.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You won’t have to worry about the electricity bill as the lamp is energy efficient
  • Switch easily from different modes as per the comfort of your eyes to reduce strain
  • Comes at a pretty attractive price point along with a 1-year warranty

2. JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp

The JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp is for those looking for a designer yet minimalistic lamp.

Do you remember the lamp from the Pixar movies?

This lamp kind of resembles that but it has a flat head rather than a conical one.

This lamp has also that aesthetic to give it a more professional look as compared to other lamps out there.

Professionals such as architects would love this lamp’s design for sure.

Not just the design and the looks, it also brings home some really useful features.

The lamp will add beauty to your desk setup and is a great choice for both office and home.

Talking about the features, the lamp comes with 36 pieces of LED.

This helps the lamp to have greater longevity as compared to lamps with a single bulb.

Interestingly, the lamp comes with ultra-sensitive touch controls.

You can control the lamp using the inbuilt touch controls just like your smartphone.

You can further choose from 4 different light modes and 7 different brightness levels from dim to super bright.

The lamp also has a USB port to allow charging phones and other devices.

The most interesting of all is the 1-hour auto timer function which turns off the lamp automatically after an hour.

Isn’t that cool? – Pretty useful, right.

The arm can be rotated through 180 degrees and you can also fold the lamp.

The matte silver finish looks great and you would love to have this on your desk.

This lamp successfully makes it to this list with all its useful features.

It aims to provide you maximum comfort.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Touch controls to control the lamp easily with no risk of buttons getting damaged over time
  • Automatic shut down timer comes in handy at times when you want to automatically switch off the lamp
  • Four different light modes and 7 different brightness levels to choose from based on your comfort.
  • You can choose the soft shade to reduce eye strain

3. Brightech Circle LED Desk Lamp

Brightech Circle LED Desk Lamp
If you are looking for something to give your desk a whole new look, then the Brightech Circle LED Desk Lamp is the one for you.

The lamp does look modern and innovative.

The lamp is ideal for content creators who want a good yet unique looking desk setup for their videos.

Just as the name suggests, the lamp is a halo or ring of a 12W LED bulb.

The lamp is very compact and can be placed pretty much everywhere including shelves or other places if you falling short of space.

The good thing about this futuristic-looking lamp is that it saves you a lot on the electricity bill.

At the bottom, you get a button to turn on the lamp to its full brightness by default.

You can use this default mode while reading.

The same button can be further used to adjust the brightness levels to two different levels that are smoother and dimmer than the default one.

You should go with this lamp if you are looking for a unique modern looking and compact lamp.

It will easily blend into any environment you place it on.

Also, the lamp requires no additional setup before use.

The lamp comes pre-connected to the base and all you need to do is simply plug in the power cable.

Another great thing about the lamp is its greater life or longevity.

Yes, you won’t have to worry about repairing the LED or replacing it for a pretty long time.

I would want a lamp like this on my desk.

What about you?

This lamp does great in terms of ergonomics and is built taking into mind the comfort of people and their usage of the product.

This makes it gain this spot on this list pretty easily.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Saves electricity by consuming very little amount of power
  • No worries about replacing or repairing the LED
  • Requires no setup, simply Plug and Play
  • Very compact and hence saves a lot of space

4. Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
An ergonomic desk lamp should primarily provide comfort to your eyes and then look at other aspects.

Well, the Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp takes proper care of all these aspects of a good ergonomic lamp for you.

The lamp looks good with its modern and minimal design and is also an elegant choice for professionals.

The arm and head of the lamp have a good aluminum build and also have a matte finish to make the lamp look even better.

It offers a total of 4 different lighting modes paired with 8 levels of brightness to choose from.

You can easily adjust the brightness levels as per your comfort and to avoid eye strains.

The most interesting thing about the lamp is you don’t have to worry about your eyes as is the case with any other lamps out there.

The lamp comes with Eye-care technology which prevents your eyes from strains and fatigue.

Isn’t that great to have?

With this technology, you won’t notice any glare or flicking with the lamp at all.

Further, you also won’t notice any ghosting or darkness.

Eye Care technology makes the lamp an apt choice for many people.

It also makes it stand out from the rest of the lamps that don’t usually have this feature.

Apart from being compact and taking less space, the lamp is highly adjustable.

The head can be easily adjusted as per your convenience just by rotating it.

Further, the arms can be rotated up to 180 degrees to adjust it.

That’s not over yet.

You can also rotate the base of the lamp by up to 160 degrees by rotating it.

All of this ensures you get the perfect angle and the perfect brightness while you are working.

Many people would stop their search for an ergonomic desk lamp here itself.

Look no more, the Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp has got everything you would ever want from a lamp.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Eye care technology helps avoid strains and fatigue on eyes by doing away with glare and flicking
  • A highly adjustable lamp lets you have the perfect angle for your work
  • 10W fast charging USB port to charge your devices and smartphones

5. BenQ ScreenBar With Dial

BenQ ScreenBar With Dial

The BenQ ScreenBar is nothing but a bar with an LED that easily fits on the top of your desktop monitor.

It’s very compact and blends in easily with every kind of setup.

You can use it in your home or workplace for a more professional aesthetic.

Sticking up the lamp right on the top of your monitor saves a lot of space on your desk.

Further, it makes reading or other works much easier with the light directly on top.

If you are someone who spends most of the time in front of a computer screen then this lamp is for you.

You can work on your computer and also work with a lot of notebooks or other documents with so much space on your desk.

You don’t have to worry about the light disturbing the brightness of your screen as the angle never turns towards the computer’s screen.

The interesting part is the dial it comes with.

Like, how many times have you seen a lamp that has a dial with a sensor?

That’s true. The dial also has a sensor.

The dial lets you adjust the brightness levels as per your comfort and also the light modes varying from warm to cool.

The sensor lets you have access to the auto-adjust feature.

Sounds cool, right.

The auto-adjust feature adjusts the light modes and brightness levels depending on your surroundings.

All this can be done with just a simple tap.

The ScreenBar is further powered by a USB that you can connect to your PC.

This saves the hassle of worrying about electricity bills.

So, if you are someone who works with notebooks and computers simultaneously till late at night and need a lot of desk space, the BenQ ScreenBar is for you.

It also looks good and the minimal design matches easily with any sort of monitor that you have.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The dial lets you easily adjust brightness levels and warmth
  • Powered through USB without the hassles of plugging it directly and worrying about electricity bills
  • Takes no space of your desk leaving you with a lot of space to work on while still having a lamp

6. TaoTronics Stylish Metal Lamp

TaoTronics Stylish Metal Lamp
Looking for a beautiful and compact ergonomic lamp with a lot of features.

Well, the TaoTronics Stylish Metal Lamp does come with loads of features packed into it.

This sleek and beautiful lamp comes with great build quality as well.

The lamp proves to be sturdy and is far more stable compared to other lamps available out there.

Apart from the build, the quality of light is outstanding as well.

You will find crisp and bright light with no flickings at all with the lamp.

It also comes with 5 different light modes ranging from warm to cool hues.

You can adjust these modes using the buttons at the bottom.

There are different buttons for different modes including a relaxing mode and a study or concentration mode along with many others. Isn’t that cool?

Further, you can also adjust the intensity of the brightness between 6 different levels.

The brightest intensity illuminates one of the highest brightness we have seen so far on a desk lamp.

Another interesting feature that you get with this lamp is the ability to save your preferred settings just by tapping a button.

You can then easily access your favorite mode or settings that you have saved earlier.

This is something new that we haven’t seen in desk lamps.

The leg can be rotated by up to 180 degrees to adjust the angle.

Well, this lamp is one of the most adjustable lamps out there.

You can easily manage to pull off every possible angle with this lamp.

Further, the lamp also comes with the night mode feature that is loved by many.

Things are not yet over as you also get a 1-hour timer function that comes in handy at times.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Save and access your favorite settings anytime
  • Comes with night mode and timer function
  • Energy-efficient LED saves up on electricity bills
  • USB port for charging smartphones and other devices

7. BenQ EyeCare Desk Lamp

BenQ EyeCare Desk Lamp

If the comfort of your eyes is everything that you look for in a desk lamp, BenQ EyeCare is perhaps the best choice for you.

For someone who spends most of his time sitting in a desk in front of a computer screen or reading and doing other stuff, taking care of the eyes becomes very important.

The BenQ EyeCare is exactly meant for those people.

You shouldn’t think twice before investing in this lamp if you are one of those persons spending a lot of time in front of screens and other stuff.

Your eyes are going to be thankful to you.

The lamp has a very minimal yet stunning design which looks awesome.

It is one of the tallest lamps we have come across.

The height makes it possible for the lamp to spread light over a greater area.

Further, it also helps in showering much softer light than other lamps.

The head of the lamp has a curved shape which allows it to illuminate a larger area even when the height is adjusted to be very small.

The lamp has a very bright yet very pleasing light. That’s a big plus for many.

You will have a very hard time noticing any glares even on your desktop screen.

Thanks to the clever light distribution in the lamp that does this trick.

You get a tiny knob that lets you adjust the brightness levels and the color hue as well.

Yes, you can easily adjust the height and the lighting angle as per your requirements.

Other than being beautiful, the lamp is well built and is quite sturdy.

The lamp is also a bit heavy and takes up quite some space.

Not as much though.

The EyeCare mode uses the light sensor to adjust to a very pleasing brightness and hue based on the surroundings.

This is a go-to if you work for long hours and need something like this to avoid damaging your eyes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pleasant bright light with much larger illuminated area compared to other lamps
  • Certified by UL, CE, FCC for health and safety, and is hence the best choice for your eyes
  • Great design and sturdy build quality

8. Lumiy Lightblade Desk Lamp

Lumiy Lightblade Desk Lamp
Many of the office guys often look for a compact and minimal desk lamp.

They usually prefer something sturdy and durable that would last them for quite long.

If you are looking for something like that, the Lumiy Lightblade might interest you.

I think this is one of the best desk lamps for office purposes.

It has got everything to claim that mark successfully.

Not just the sleek and compact design but the build quality is good and makes it one of the most durable lamps.

Further, the light is crisp and bright which is apt for certain office works to be done neatly.

It doesn’t matter how clunky or filled your desk is.

This lamp is so compact that it will easily fit in a very tiny fraction of your office desk.

You can either go for the shiny black or white variant as per your choice.

Sadly, this lamp cannot be twisted and rotated as much as the other lamps on this list which we saw earlier.

To compensate that, its compact size lets you easily move the lamp wherever you want.

Don’t fall for its size when it comes to brightness.

The lamp easily brightens up your workspace quite easily for you to work without any worries.

Lumiy also claims that the lamp has CRI greater than 90 which is quite high for such a compact laptop.

This ensures that the quality of the light is indeed very good.

In case you don’t know, lamps with very good quality light only have CRI higher than 80.

Further, you get touch controls to adjust the brightness and warmth of the light as per your comfort and convenience.

The lamp is the best in the class ergonomic lamp for all those office guys.

If you are one of those, then go grab one soon.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It won’t eat up on your electricity bill as it consumes a very tiny amount of energy
  • The USB port helps you charge your devices
  • The integrated timer lets you turn off the lamp automatically after a certain interval of time
  • Crisp and bright good quality light ensure you get your job done perfectly without any worries

9. OTUS Motion Sensor Desk Lamp

OTUS Motion Sensor Desk Lamp

Were you ever fascinated by the lamp in Pixar movies?

If yes, then you will love this one for sure.

The OTUS Motion Sensor lamp looks just like the lamp from Pixar Movies with a canonical head.

Apart from the looks, the lamp has also got a bunch of useful features that you are going to love.

This sleek and modern lamp looks great with that shiny finish on top.

Even professional architects use such lamps at work.

One of the coolest features is that while many other lamps are controlled by touch, this one here is controlled by hand gestures.

Now, that is something from the next level and seems futuristic.

You can turn the lamp on and off with a simple hand wave, without even lifting your hands to press a button.

The motion sensor does everything for you. How cool is that!

The lamp also remembers the last mode you used the lamp with and turns it on the next time you switch it on.

Now, there is a total of 12 different intensity levels for brightness and 3 different color modes to choose from.

You can adjust these using the touch controls present on the arm.

The lamp can be adjusted pretty much the way you want to get the desired angle.

The maximum brightness of the lamp is very high and crisp.

The lamp is well built with the perfect weight balance which helps it stay stable in the bent state and weigh only a few pounds at the same time.

You can also clamp the lamp if you have got a separate clamp, of course.

This good looking feature-packed ergonomic lamp is a great choice for professionals and other people as well.

It will also make a great gift option if you are confused about what to gift someone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The motion sensor lets you use gesture controls to turn on and off
  • Non-flickering natural light for proper eye care
  • It looks modern and futuristic making it a great showpiece as well
  • Highly adjustable to get the desired lighting angle
  • It can also be attached to a clamp

10. Brightech Lightview Pro

Brightech Lightview Pro

Do you have a problem looking at small objects or letters while reading?

Or, do you often work with miniature objects and require a magnifying glass all the time?

Well, if that’s the case then the Brightech Lightview Pro is the one you probably need.

It’s not just a lamp but also a powerful magnifier to helps you while reading or working with other micro-objects.

The lamp has 56 led bulbs in a circular shape that illuminate super bright light.

The brand claims that these LEDs will last up to 100000 hours. That’s a great life.

You do get enough brightness to study even the tiny details of any miniature object you are working with.

The magnifying lens is built up of crystal clear high-quality glass and has a magnifying power of 2.25.

The lamp comes in quite handy for jobs like sewing, carving pieces of jewelry, and many others as well.

This lamp is a savior for people working with such chores or having a tough time reading tiny letters.

You won’t require your normal glasses anymore.

The lens can also be protected with a plastic cap that is attached to the lamp.

The lamp itself is super flexible and can be adjusted as per your comfort and convenience.

The build quality is good and the lamp feels sturdy and stable.

However, the lamp cannot adjust the brightness which pretty much all the other lamps do have.

Nevertheless, you do get super bright and crisp light with the lamp to study even the tiniest of details.

For those working with such jobs that involve working with details, this is a perfect choice.

The lamp looks stunning and will suit in pretty much every desk you place it on.

It is somewhat heavy though.

This makes the Brightech Lightview Pro one of the best ergonomic desk lamps out there.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 3 years warranty helps you stay away from any worries of damages and repairs
  • Super bright crisp light helps you study every minute detail
  • Crystal clear magnifying lens right there in the lamp

Final Thoughts 

An ergonomic desk lamp does not just add beauty to the desk.

It does a lot more than that.

A good desk lamp helps you stay productive without worrying about your eyes.

Ergonomic desk lamps are designed to take care of your comforts and let you do more with your work efficiently.

That being said, these were the 10 best ergonomic desk lamps and their reviews for 2021.

We have got pretty much one of each kind and for every type of person.

Which one did you like the most? – Every one of them is a great choice if you know what you want.

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