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10 Best Ergonomic Staplers & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

In the office, we use a lot of paper for printing and keeping documents, however, it can get burdensome keeping it all together, without the use of ergonomic staplers.

No one loves clutter in their space, especially not in the space where you do business or meet clients daily.

To prevent this from happening, you can simply keep files and papers in an orderly manner, with the help of ergonomic staplers.

A stapler is a mechanical device, that joins papers by the application of a small force, thus resulting in a thin metal staple through the sheets.

When you staple the papers and other similar material, the device will fold at the end, binding the material.

Due to the fact, that staplers are such essential and versatile tools for the workspace, we thought a proper review would do us all a world of good, as getting the right equipment at all times is key.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best ergonomic staplers and their reviews for 2021, just read through and purchase the best to serve your office needs.

Table of Contents

 1. Bostitch Office Heavy Duty Stapler

Bostitch stapler
If you’re out there looking for a small stapler, get the ‘Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40-Sheet Stapler’.

For those using this device, it becomes easier for them to staple up to 40 sheets, and this is two times more than the standard staplers can do.

The no-jam technology used to manufacture this device, ensures the staples do not jam, making it easy for someone who is in a hurry to finish the stapling job.

If you’re doing crafting and tacking, you can purchase this stapler, as it opens to 180 degrees and because you want convenience when using this device, it stands horizontally or vertically for easy use.

It also comes with that flat design, that gives a flatter, and neat paper stack, at the end of the job.

Due to the force applied when stapling, some devices tend to slide, however, this is not the case with the Bostitch office stapler, which has a non-skidding base, to give it stability and protect desktop protection.

It has a capacity of 105 staple pins, that allows a user to continue stapling several stacks of papers.

If you’re looking for a small, yet efficient stapler, get this device, as it works well for offices and home use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Small to fit in the palm
  • Can staple 40 sheets of paper
  • Open easily for tracking, allowing use in bulletin boards
  • The sleep design makes it fit well in desktops
  • The non-skid rubber allows you convenience

2. Swingline Stapler, Commercial Desktop Staplers

Swingline stapler
Everyone wants to get a reliable desktop stapler, as such, people can go for the Swingline Stapler, designed by a leading company.

When you purchase this device, you enjoy its robust build and with this, users enjoy the jam-resistant stapling.

Once you purchase this device, you continue using it for years since its made of all metal parts.

It has the specially designed inner rail, that ensures the pins don’t jam while giving accurate stapling.

The device comes spring-loaded, therefore, you have an easy time refilling the pins and it can serve well for stapling 20 sheets of paper.

Every time you press on it, the sharp chisel staples pierce the paper with ease.

A buyer gets two staplers in the pack when buying, making it a very useful tool for office work.

Though small, it holds up to 210 staples and it takes a long while before you refill the pins.

It also has a staple indicator, that warns you when the pins need a refill.

It’s one of the versatile devices, that can staple sheets of papers and tack the same in a bulletin board.

For anyone looking for a portable, durable desktop stapling device for any use, this is the device to purchase.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The metal build stapler makes it durable in the office
  • Ideal for desktop use
  • Staples up to 20 sheets at once
  • Easy to use when tacking and pinning materials on bulletin board
  • It’s a double-duty stapler, meaning doubling a user’s productivity

3. Swingline Stapler, 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler

Swingline iconic stapler
If you’re out there searching for a modern stapler that stands out, get the ‘Swingline 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler’.

It’s among the outstanding devices your modern office requires for stapling papers.

First, it comes with a curvy metallic exterior and strong base to withstand pressure, and people who have used this device can attest, that it comes strong enough to serve for years.

The 747 stapling device offers stability when it comes to stapling your papers and it remains among the most used and sought after desktop staplers made of metal, to withstand usage for years.

Since it comes with a spring, you will quickly reload the pins and you do this by pulling up its lid and inserting a new pack.

Many people might use this stapler in the office, so because of the worry of catching bacteria, the device has antimicrobial protection.

A person using this stapler enjoys it’s rounded, smooth edges, that make it fit the user’s hand comfortably.

If you’re looking for a small stapler that can tack 25 papers in the office, go for this series.

The stapler gives service for many years to come and you’ll get a 100% performance from this office tool, with a limited lifetime warranty.

Any person who wants to purchase a stapler, that produces pointed staples to pin materials temporarily, will have to get this model.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Good for tacking and pinning
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • Metallic made to make it last
  • Jam resistant

4. Leven Two Modes Adjustable Desktop Stapler

Leaven adjustable stapler
Every person wants to purchase a stapler that won’t misfire or jam when stapling sheets of paper, thus, the ‘Leven Two Modes Adjustable Desktop Stapler’ becomes the choice.

They are designed, to reduce instances of pins jamming when stapling.

With the anti-jam technology used, you’ll enjoy the smooth stapling by preventing misfiring and bending, and you get to choose from two modes stapling.

It means a user will switch between the two modes by touching a button, as these are the standard modes that make the device compact.

You can also go for the effortless modes with a lever-action, and with this mode selected, it allows a user to staple 40 sheets without too much pressure.

The quick staple load button allows reloading of the springs, for fast usage and the best part of buying this stapler is its effortless 20/40 sheet capacity.

You also enjoy it’s one finger touch stapling, without having to apply a lot of pressure.

You can get this ergonomic heavy-duty stapler made for home/office, and use with the benefit of 1000 staplers.

At the bottom, you see the non-skid rubber base, which holds your device firm while preventing scratches from your desktop.

If this device gets damaged or you are unhappy with it, the seller gives you a money-back guarantee.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable design guaranteeing long last
  • The quick button reloading pin section
  • It doesn’t produce noise when stapling
  • It comes with an ergonomic design to improve office appearance
  • One year warranty

5. Leven Effortless Desktop Stapler

Leaven effortless stapler
If you’re tired of pushing hard when stapling, you need to try this new device.

Here, you’ll go for the ‘Leven Effortless Desktop Stapler’, that staples your sheets consistently, and when in use, you enjoy the easy to push device, that staples with ease.

One great feature seen in this stapler is the jam-resistant technology used, which prevents the misfiring and jamming of pins.

The designer has created a lever-action, that allows one to use one finger to staple, thus, requiring less effort.

Any office manager, who has to staple more than 40 pieces of sheets at once needs a firm staple and the ‘Leven Effortless’ has a 40 sheet capacity, to use at home or office.

You’ll not get disappointed when it comes to reloading the pins, as its quick loading technology is powered by the spring for quick load action, reducing stress.

At the base, the non-skid rubber makes it stable on the desktop and it also helps to protect the office from scratches.

A buyer can choose from the many sizes available for sale online and it also has a comfortable grip on the surfaces, made of the soft rubber parts.

Pros & Benefits:

  •  Comfortable on the hands
  • Has a quick load button for easy staple refilling
  • The base has anti-skid rubber done to provide grip on the desktop
  • The ergonomic design allows easy stapling of many sheets
  • If you want a stapler to serve you faithfully for years, go for the Leven Effortless Desktop Stapler today

6. Swingline Stapler, Optima 25

Swingline optima 25
If you’re out there searching for a premium stapler, get the ‘Swingline Stapler, Optima 25’, as this remains one of the quietest stapling devices in the market.

Today, you can go for this device designed for desktop use, which can also work well on flat surfaces.

People who go for this device have a stapler that loads 210 staples and when it has run low of staples, the indicator warns so that the refilling gets done.

Though small, it can secure up to 25 sheets of paper and one of its great features is, its reduced effort technology, which requires a person using less force when stapling.

The stapler gives you an ergonomic grip, that makes one comfortable when using and if you want to enjoy quieter stapling, get this sturdy stapler in the office, which will give you service for many years.

If you’re looking for a reliable stapling device today, get the ‘Swingline Optima 25 stapler’, with a color option of blue or gray.

Though you put in less effort, it’s among the huge stapling devices you can find today, with swift and simple reload of pins.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quiet when stapling the sheets
  • A person uses less effort when using it in the office
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Smooth on hands provided by its ergonomic design
  • Indicator to warn when the pins finish

7. Sparco Stand Up Full Strip Stapler

Sparco stapler
For any person looking to purchase a small stapler that takes up less space in the office, it’s time to buy the ‘Sparco Stand Up Full Strip Stapler’.

It’s much smaller than the others, thus taking less space in your office and it has a rotating anvil, which allows one to do stapling and pinning.

A good design from the manufacturer, which ensures that your hand remains comfortable, as long as you continue stapling your sheets of paper.

The device was designed to fasten up to 20 sheets of paper, which is ideal for home and office spaces, where there is less stapling work.

If you worry about color, you can choose gray or black, also, when you purchase this device, you’ll enjoy a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

People who have bought and used this product in the past, agree that it’s easy to use and it’s strong enough to withstand damages when it falls on the floor.

When you get this device, you do away with the constant jamming experienced in ordinary staplers, and its compact design makes it among the strong staplers to buy

It works well for low capacity jobs, so if you want to get something designed beautifully and require less pressure to staple, go for this ‘Sparco Stand Up Full Strip Stapler’.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Takes up less space on the surface since it is a standup design
  • Designed using metal, thus lasting longer
  • Very light that you can put it in the pocket
  • It’s easy to squeeze when stapling papers
  • Suitable for stapling and pinning

8. Bostitch Premium Metal Executive Stand-Up Desktop Stapler

Bostitch stapler
Many people love the stand-up desktop staplers, as such, a person might want to try the ‘Bostitch Premium Metal Executive’.

People buy this design because it’s made of die-cast metal and we all know that metallic stands for durability.

You choose this model because it offers the moderns style stand or lays flat on the surfaces.

When you buy the piece, you benefit since it’s infused with antimicrobial protection, giving you peace of mind.

Many people love this design because it adds that modern look to the office, and you can leave it lying flat or allow it to stand.

The concept makes it the ideal, expansive executive desktop stapler and if you are peculiar about the aesthetic condition of your desktop, then this is the stapler to buy.

It comes with a trendsetting design, that accentuates the desktop surfaces.

It has a staple supply indicator, so if the staples run low, you get a notice to reload them.

Any person, who wants to staple their papers, will get good results when they use the Bostic premium standard staples.

If you have decided to try this stapler, get the chrome color that complements most office surfaces and the product also gives you a seven-year warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-performance device
  • It is made of metal to make it strong
  • A beautiful iconic design to make the surfaces beautiful
  • Soft comfort and ergonomic shape
  • Has microbial protection

9. Blue Summit Supplies Effortless Stapler

Blue summite stapler
When shopping for a stapling device, go for something ergonomic and lightweight, and in such cases, you need to try the ‘Blue Summit Supplies Effortless Stapler’.

First, this comes as a unique designed stapler that uses jam-free technology, and you’ll not have frustrations caused by misfiring.

Besides, it offers a user an easy time loading stapler pins, making the stapling task easier.

One thing about this device is, its ability to efficiently, and easily tackle the small or heavy-duty stapling tasks.

You can staple up to 60 sheets of paper at once.

It’s made of easy to use and low impact stapling technology, enabling users to avoid hand cramps.

When compared to traditional staplers, you’ll have an easy time reloading the pins, as it becomes more natural due to the spring-loaded chamber, that opens when the button is touched using a finger.

The anti-skidding base brings convenience and stability when working and the base holds the black stapler, thereby protecting the surfaces from scratches.

If you want to buy a stapler from a seller who gives a money-back guarantee, get the ‘Blue Summit Supplies Effortless Stapler’, that comes with 2000 standard staples for use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s among the lightweight staplers to buy
  • Easy to reload the staples
  • Ideal for use in a harsh office environment
  • The clinch fastens the papers fasts, with little effort

10. Bostitch inSHAPE

Bostitch inSHAPE
If you’re looking for a stapler that requires less effort, then you should purchase the ‘Bostitch inSHAPE 15 Reduced Effort Compact Stapler’.

It uses power-assisted stapling technology, making it easy to drive stacks of more than 15 sheets of material.

When you order and get this package delivered, you get an easy time stapling papers.

Many people who have used this before agree, that it offers a unique effortless, one-finger touch technology.

To avoid wasting time, it uses jam-free technology to ensure every staple goes through and you’ll have an easy time/effort, fastening up to 15 sheets of paper.

For someone looking to buy a small but ergonomic stapler that fits any hand, going for the ‘Bostitch inSHAPE’ becomes the answer.

When buying a handheld stapling device, this becomes your ideal purchase stapling device, as it also uses the standard staples found in many homes and offices.

It’s among the lightweight staplers that come with a compact design, for easy and frequent handling.

If you’ve been using the standard staplers and want to have 70% ease when stapling, try this model and all buyers benefit, by getting a rack of staples to start with after buying.

When you purchase the ‘Bostitch inSHAPE’ stapling device, you enjoy it’s lightweight and smooth ergonomic design and you would also have invested in a staple that stands upright when using.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Effortless, one finger technology
  • Build with jam-free technology
  • Small to fit in your hands when stapling
  • Staple your papers comfortably and quickly

Choosing The Right Stapler

When choosing a stapling device today, several things need consideration and if you are unsure what the right stapler should look like, you can check this buying guide:

  • Know if you need a manual or electric stapler in your office work
  • Know how many people will use this device in the office or home
  • Ask yourself how often you’ll be using this device in the office
  • Know the number of sheets to stapler at any given time
  • Know the type of documents to staple often

Some people want to staple brochures, magazines, booklets, and ordinary papers.

As such, you’ll have to choose a strong one for heavy-duty binding papers but, for a few papers in the office, go for the smaller ones, which are easy to use.

Stapler Types

There are different types of staplers, and buyers select the brand and model to use, depending on their preference and the function of the stapler.

You can choose from any of the following types:

  • Desktop staplers
  • Heavy-duty staplers
  • Reduced effort stapler
  • Electric staplers
  • Long reach staplers

Before you buy the unit, research, and understand how each works.

You may also want to compare the many features, to ensure you purchase something of quality, which is ergonomic to use.

Final Thoughts

Staplers are very handy and needed at one point or another, for various office and even home tasks.

When buying an ergonomic stapler, you’ll need to check several things but, the most crucial element involves getting a unit that serves your needs.

Always check the stapler you buy if it has an ergonomic design, which will not leave your hands with wounds.

The pricing differs, but you can go for a cheap, yet sturdy ergonomic stapler, however, the bottom line is that it can staple your sheets of paper.

It’s important to get a stapler, that will not jam in the middle of stapling papers, thus giving you a lot of headaches while using it.

We hope you found this article useful, do leave a comment to share your thoughts and suggestions on the topic.

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