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10 Best Ergonomic Foot Pedals & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

If you ere you experiencing back or neck issues, as a result of working all day, then an ergonomic foot pedal may just be what you need.

Even if you’re only looking for comfort, it makes sense to own an ergonomic foot pedal, as a sustained static position may bring about undesired health issues like fatigue, leg swelling, and even back foot soreness.

Skillfully designed with comfort in mind, these foot pedals help alleviate back and neck aches, allowing your legs to settle conveniently, and facilitating not only proper blood flow but also active sitting. 

Active sitting is quite beneficial, especially in a sitting workstation, as it can inspire new energy levels, as well as ease some seated activities.

The design is not the only thing that matters, as other factors contribute to a supportive ergonomic foot pedal. 

That’s why in this list, we’ve further considered the quality of the material used, versatility, and portability, as well as style, to come up with the 10 best ergonomic foot pedals for 2021.

Let’s explore this list, and discover these foot pedals.

Table of Contents

1. Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest Under Desk

Comfort foot rest
If you’re looking for a multifunctional yet ergonomic foot pedal, this foam-based product from Upper Echelon ticks both boxes.

Courtesy of it’s “orthopedic” design which maximizes comfort, this foot pedal comes handy for those who spend long hours in the office, and may need to adjust their sitting positions to stay productive.

Using the foot pedal under the desk provides a comfortable sitting experience, by not only elevating your feet but also rocking and allowing them the necessary movements, to prevent swelling or pain when you turn the pedal upside down.

For what many users love, this ‘Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest Under Desk’ includes a rubberized bottom on its cover, which prevents it from slipping or moving around while in use.

However, remember that the non-slip bottom doesn’t mean you stay static, rather, if you need to change your sitting position around the desk, grab and lift the pedal with your feet to the preferred location, as it’s made of lightweight materials.

What’s more, forget about putting up with a stained foot pedal, as you can remove the cover once dirty and wash it, even using a machine if you like.

To provide extra comfort, this foot pedal is made with advanced technology, which allows it to soften and shape perfectly according to your feet, once you step on it.

The notable shortcoming of the ‘Comfort Office Foot Rest’ is, that you’d wish it was a bit more firm to support more weight, but if you don’t like adding something extra on your feet, that should be okay.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-use and perfect foot pedal for long hours duties due to its unique design
  • Doesn’t tear up easily
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A removable case for easy cleaning

2. Ergofoam Premium Ergonomic Foot Pedal

Ergofoam pedal
Measuring 17.3 by 11.5 by 5.9, Ergofoam beats other memory foam based foot pedals, not only by width but also in terms of firmness, owing to its high-density fabric.

The advantage of the surface is, that you get enough supportive space to relax and move your feet around, enhancing circulation, which prevents potential swollen legs and soreness as well.

Unlike many other foam-based foot pedals, that often go flat upon placing more weight on your legs while using them, this premium product offers you the perfect firmness, regardless of what’s on your feet; for an upright and comfortable sitting posture.

Similar to the ‘Comfort Office Foot Rest’ above, this foot pedal is multipurpose; while you may have purchased it solely to use it under the desk in your workstation, you can also use it comfortably when traveling, even in a plane.

Given that this premium Ergofoam is height adjustable, it sits well with both short and tall people.

For short people (5’0), whose legs barely touch the floor, while sitting on a regular chair, can add more height to the foot pedal with an extra piece that’s sold separately.

And for tall people, can adjust this Ergofoam up to 5.9′ to double it as a rocker, creating those micro-movements you need, to keep your feet relaxed and active.

For both cases, this adjustable feature creates a very comfy sitting posture.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-density material for ideal firmness and maximum comfort
  • Easily convertible to a rocker with a secondary piece
  • Can be used anywhere without compromising on comfort
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easily removable cover for washing

3. Mind Reader Comfy Rest Foot Pedal

Mind reader pedal
Moving away from products that are made of fabric, is this plastic, rigid edged, and flat designed foot pedal, that suits all users (tall, short, and all ages) due to two of its features; flexibility and adjustability.

By merely looking at it for the very first time, you may wonder how to adjust this foot pedal to your preferred height, but when you sit down and place your feet on it, everything becomes clear, surprisingly.

If you’re tall and your workstation desk isn’t height-adjustable, you know the struggle of trying to comfortably keep down your feet for rest, and the same goes for short people too.

In both cases, the height-adjustable mind reader foot pedal alleviates those struggles, and even better, you can adjust it to lift all your lower limbs, to allow an ergonomic active sitting, which also favors the back and neck.

As such, many users laud this product for preventing back and leg pains, that result from inappropriate sitting postures.

Expectedly, the best ergonomic foot pedals go beyond just adjusting the height and rocking the legs; which is something this pedal does.

This is why the maker of ‘Mind Reader Comfy Rest Foot Pedal’, specially designed it with a textured surface, to offer a straight away, bottom foot massage service.

To enjoy the massage, just remove your shoes and place your feet on the pebbled surface, then use your toes to push the pedal forward, and keep it rotating.

However, you must remember, that unlike foam-based foot pedals, this product lacks a friction grip, and hence might not consistently stay in one place.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for many users due to angle-adjustability
  • An instant comfy foot massage that also prevents leg pains and back foot sores
  • Lightweight, making it convenient for use in different settings
  • Doesn’t require any assembling
  • Easy to store thanks to the flat design

4. Kensington Comfort Memory Foam

Kensington foam
Well, ideally, beauty may not factor in when it comes to ergonomics.

Regardless, this Kensington’s attractive product featuring a Smartfit system is innovatively built, to provide luxury while working, making it a top choice under-desk foot pedal.

Due to the high technology used in it, you can easily and quickly set up this foot pedal, using the Smartfit system.

The Smartfit system also allows you to customize the foot pedal; in terms of height and tilt angle, to a supportive device that improves your posture, for optimal comfort.

To adjust the height and positioning of the pedal to your liking (from 3.5″ to 5″), it’s just as easy as setting it up; all you have to do is switch on the knobs on the sides.

And as for the tilt angle, Kensington allows up to 30 degrees, which should be enough for your comfort, and a flick of the pedal with your leg is all that you need to get started.

Plus, like many most of its best counterparts in the comfort game, this foot pedal has a non-skid base bottom, which prevents it from unnecessary movements on the surface.

Another luxurious feature is the premium memory foam, which is very comfy and soothing for your feet especially, with shoes off.

Some users complain that the padding can get dirty quickly, but a clean moist cloth can solve this issue.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design encourages active sitting
  • Easy to set up and adjust through Smartfit
  • Luxurious soft padding
  • Offers more height-adjustability options than most foot pedals
  • Not limited to only average-sized users, unlike many foot pedals

5. Office Ottoman Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest

Ottoman footrest
If you’re into the high-tech industry or you just love high-tech gadgets, this ergonomic foot pedal that resembles a pillow, incorporating advanced technology, can excite you.

It’s easily the best high-tech foot pedal you can find in the market right now, and equally important, you can conveniently use it in different places, not only in the office.

Measuring 17.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches, this product provides a wide enough surface for your feet to move about freely, and stay active throughout; an ideal position for the knees as well.

The ‘Office Ottoman Footrest’ is made with firm but soft materials, to provide optimal support and comfort, and the beaded bottom offers a soothing foot massage.

On top is a removable and machine washable cover, but if you can work with only socks on, you can’t stain this foot pedal enough to necessitate a wash; wiping it off after use will suffice.

Like many in this list, this product has an anti-slip rubberized surface at the bottom, to prevent it from unnecessary movements while in use.

The main downside with this foot pedal is, it may be not suitable to everyone, especially if you’re short

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate exceptional posture
  • Multitude options for the feet to always keep them active, preventing numbness
  • Doesn’t sink with weight due to its firm materials
  • Unique design prevents knee-knocking
  • Machine washable cushion

6. VIVO Ergonomic Height Adjustable Foot Rest

VIVO footrest
This is a long-lasting, sturdy, and versatile foot pedal, that provides ergonomic support if, you spend many hours working; either while sitting or standing in your workstation.

It’s made of strong steel frames, which makes it very sturdy and stable, providing a secure feeling when you step on it.

With the textured fabric platform surface on top, you never have to worry about your feet slipping, and better yet, if you can stand with your shoes off which is highly recommended, you will love the nice feeling on your bottom feet.

Additionally, the rubberized pads on the bottom of this foot pedal guarantee you ergonomic firm support, whether you’re sitting or standing, and also won’t scuff your floor.

If you’re short, this product from VIvo offers the perfect ergonomic set up for you due to its adjustable features that allow you multiple height options, ranging from 5″ to 10″.

Despite the metallic frames, this foot pedal is lightweight, and you can conveniently move it around, as you change your position at your work desk.

Due to its simple design, you can easily and quickly set up the ‘VIVO Ergonomic Standing Foot Rest’; as it requires no tools, and only takes under 2 minutes of your time to get it working.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple height adjustment options
  • Stable and ergonomic support even when standing
  • Comfortable, long-lasting service
  • Textured wide enough surface allows for active feet resting and the needed movements
  • Suitable for many users due to the wide range of adjustment options

7. StrongTek Under Desk Foot Rest

Strongtek foot rest
StrongTek offers dynamic sitting, with an excellent and unique wooden foot pedal, which is equally as versatile as many products in this list.

The heavy-duty wood that is used to make this pedal, supports the types of sitting styles, that would make you comfortable.

You can stretch, relax, or stand on it without fear of it breaking, unlike in many plastic foot pedals, as it supports weightS of up to 300 lbs, which is okay with most users.

Additionally, ‘StrongTek Under Desk Footrest’ measures more than 15 inches in width, providing an ample surface to move your legs freely, allowing different sitting postures for comfort.

On top of this foot pedal is an anti-slip textured surface, that holds your feet firmly, facilitating comfortable feet micro-movements around the floor.

StrongTek uses a smart ergonomic slanted design on this product, to prop your feet and also rock them, which promotes necessary movements, keeping your limbs in circulation and avoid undesirable issues like swelling.

The main shortcoming with this foot pedal is, it’s height-fixed, and hence, may only be perfectly suitable if you’re of average size.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting comfort due to the heavy-duty plywood
  • Slanted design facilities ergonomic sitting positions
  • Perfect fit for average-sized individuals
  • Very portable and multipurpose
  • Large enough surface area to comfortably rest both feet

8. HUANUO Ergonomic Footrest

HUANUO footrest
This is a small and simple, yet terrific foot pedal, that allows micro-movements for your legs, creating different comfy sitting postures.

With two height options to choose from, ‘HUANUO Ergonomic Footrest’ is built to improve your sitting position, regardless of your height.

The top of this foot pedal has a grip textured surface that offers foot massage, which you will love, especially if you spend long hours sitting in your workstation.

Also, to relieve pressure on your lower limbs, the top platform of this product doubles up as a rocker, to relax your feet on for maximum comfort and prevent fatigue, which is associated with static sitting positions.

If you feel the provided surface is not enough to rock your feet, you can place your legs on the rounded sides for more support.

You can conveniently use this lightweight product on different types of floors, as it’s made of plastic and rubber, and also, it doesn’t scratch whatever it’s placed on, due to grip at the bottom.

It’s important to note, however, that even though this product is sturdy, it only supports weight in a sitting working desk, and hence, you should not stand on it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Uniquely designed to support comfortable postures for all individuals
  • Takes little time to assemble – about 3 minutes
  • Textured surface keeps feet active to prevent fatigue
  • Easier to carry around
  • Convenient for use in different places

9. Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

Eureka footrest
This is another simple but ergonomic product, creatively built with an exceptional design, to maximize efficiency and comfort.

With a tilt of between 0-20 degrees, this foot pedal allows you to adjust your sitting position to a desired angle and height, to support and relax your feet for optimal comfort.

Eureka has designed this product with a large enough flat textured top surface, to relieve pressure on your feet, through a soothing massage and help them relax.

Also, since it’s sturdy enough, you can comfortably use it with your large and heavy boots on.

On the bottom, ‘Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest’ spots scratch-resistant rubber feet, meaning you can conveniently use it on any surface without it leaving any marks.

Additionally, the rubberized bottom prevents the foot pedal from moving around anyhow, until you do it when you want to change your position around your workstation.

Even though Eureka doesn’t include height changes in this product, it’s not a big deal, especially for average-sized people.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comfy and height-adjustable to support your feet
  • Floating angle adjustment creates a comfortable sitting posture to enhances blood circulation
  • Flat rigid top surface offers foot massage
  • Long-lasting due to its high-quality rubber and metal

10. Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest

Humanscale footrest
Featuring a strong metal and hardwood, this product is beautifully engineered with quality design; suitable if you’re looking for a luxurious and long-lasting foot pedal for your office.

It includes ball-bearing rollers, which you’ll surely love if, you spend long hours sitting in your workstation.

By moving the foot pedal back and forth, it encourages the necessary circulation in your lower body, hence, you won’t experience any fatigue or soreness in your feet.

Many users laud this product, for exceeding their expectations when it comes to exercising the legs.

Being made with metal and wood doesn’t mean ‘Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine’ is static, instead, it’s lightweight, and you can comfortably move it around your working area, with just your feet.

Additionally, due to the non-skid surface at the bottom made of rubber, it means the foot pedal doesn’t slip on any type of floor you’re working on.

With a height-adjustment option, it suits well the size of your body, and you can choose between 3.75″ to 6.75″.

The vast adjustment range ensures you can comfortably have your preferred posture, to enhance circulation in your body and achieve an active sitting.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Luxurious design
  • Comfortable and long-lasting foot pedal
  • Wide range of height adjustment to perfectly fit most users
  • Wide surface to move your feet on
  • Soothing back foot massage due to its ball-bearing rollers

Final Thoughts

When you stay for extended periods sitting in a chair, or even standing around your workstation, there are high chances that you may experience issues, ranging from back and neck pain, to numb feet, swollen legs, or total discomfort while working. 

Due to the nature of the job, you may be unable to avoid spending those long hours while working, and that’s why foot pedals are becoming necessary accessories in our offices, and even at home.

Better, when these devices are ergonomically made, you can comfortably spend all day working, and you won’t experience any aches that may hinder productivity. 

While it’s recommended that you consider your working desk before getting a foot pedal, many of the products here, including ‘Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest’, can be conveniently used in different places, and hence, you may prefer such versatile devices. 

If you’re into luxury products, ‘Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine’ will serve you well, and if you like the simple ones, the lightweight ‘HUANUO Ergonomic Footrest’ is a good option. 

All the same, getting an ergonomic foot pedal is a necessary step towards productivity, that you should never skip.

Get one that best suits your workstation, and avoid unnecessary short breaks while working, in search of comfort.

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