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10 Best Ergonomic Mechanical Pencils & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Choosing pencils depends on your hand size and how you grip them when you use them, but we all know that we need an ergonomic mechanical pencil.

Having a comfortable and easy-to-use pencil makes your task easier and interesting.

As we all know, mechanical pencils make our life easier with their reusable features, all we need is to refill a lead and use it again since they are not made up of wood.

It’s very tedious and hard to find one, which suits you more, but if you find someone who has tried and tested many of the mechanical pencils and has more experience in using them he/she can suggest which one to choose.

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10 Best Ergonomic Mechanical Pencils Reviewed

This article provided you with a list of the 10 best ergonomic mechanical pencils, which we found by researching and asking those who have more experience and knowledge of ergonomic mechanical pencils.


This product is one of the best ergonomic mechanical pencils.

Its design is very unique, interesting, and it’s very comfortable to grip.

Pentel Graph Geer 100 is entirely made up of metal, which provides you with a heavy feeling in your hand.

This pencil comes in 5 different sizes, each one of which is color-coded.

This feature lets you choose one which suits you more.

The color-coded picture may look like a tiny feature but it’s one of the best features that enable this mechanical pencil to become one of the best mechanical pencils.

It has a comfortable metallic grip with soft latex-free pads.

There are two on the bottom to keep the tip from going into the body while writing or drafting.

You can identify which type of lead you’re using by identifying the pads since they are in different colors.

Pentel Graph Gear is suitable for technical writing, and good value for money compared to its value on our daily technical writing.

It has a super high polymer HB lead which enables you to produce a clear and hardline.

This product has a hard lead which enables you to easily identify what type of lead you’re using, and you can change it to your choice lead type any time so easily.

Since it has a refillable lead you can easily refill a lead any time you want.

The best feature of most ergonomic mechanical pencils is that, having a fillable lead which differs them from pencils made up of wood.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Have a retractable tip
  • Comfortable, soft, well designed
  • Refillable lead
  • Equipped with a metallic grip
  • Super high polymer HB lead produces a clear hard line
  • Lead hardness indicator uses to identify your lead type


This product is nice for those looking for an ergonomic mechanical great pencil to have a nice looking and neater lines.

If you need a pencil for drawing some realistic images, and for writing with good coloring then this product, Pentel sharp automatic pencil is for you.

This product comes in different lead sizes and different colors so that you can choose one which you like most.

Kerry is a well-designed product, you can put the cap on the end of the pencil while the lead sleeve is out and you can use the pencil as you want.

The grip of this product has almost no texture, which makes it preferable for your hand, and it’s also wider than the standard pencils out there.

Its width enables you to grip it without any texturing.

This product is unique from other mechanical pencils because of having a cap.

The cap uses for complete pocket safety and adds one step to the preparing to write process.

This product has a moderate price compared to its quality and features it provides.

It’s quite solid which makes it very comfortable to grip.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Moderate price, great quality
  • Ultimate pocket and purse protection
  • Comes in a clear plastic box
  • Quiet solid
  • Perfect size to fit pocket

3. Zebra M-701 Stainless Steel Ergonomic Mechanical Pencil

Zebra Pen M-701 Mechanical Pencil, Stainless Steel Barrel, Medium Point, 0.7mm, 1-Pack
10,714 Reviews
Zebra Pen M-701 Mechanical Pencil, Stainless Steel Barrel, Medium Point, 0.7mm, 1-Pack
  • 0.7mm medium point refillable mechanical pencil features a contemporary, stainless steel barrel that resists...
  • Rugged and sturdy, this refillable mechanical pencil with click-to-advance retractable lead is a significant...
  • Weighted, balanced premium metal barrel with knurled grip is designed for ergonomic comfort and assists you in...
  • Convenient clip makes these instruments a fantastic grab and go option, attaching to your pocket, planner, collar...
  • This sturdy pencil is refillable with Zebra Pen Standard 0.7mm HB Lead Refill and M-Pencil Eraser Refills; The...

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This product is one of the best zebra mechanical pencil products and best-rated pencils.

It feels like very solid writing when you hold it in your hand.

The eraser has its holder to place on the top of the plunger.

This process can help to advance the lead.

The design of this product is amazing, it has an easy-to-hold metal grip, which makes it comfortable to hold and grip with your hand.

As its name indicates, it has stainless steel which should prevent corrosion.

There are many mechanical pencils made up of stainless steel but this is by far the best one in many features as its lead type (zebra’s standard 0.7mm HB lead), its durability, and ergonomic design make it comfortable for your hands.

Zebra stainless steel mechanical pencil is refillable with zebra’s standard 0.7mm HB lead refill.

This product offers a stable grip, which makes this pencil comfortable for our hands.

The durability of this product is nice and appreciated by most users of this pencil, since it has stainless steel in it, and its inexpensive price also makes it one of the best mechanical pencils compared to other mechanical pencils out there.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy-to-hold knurled metal grip
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Designer Metal Clip for Confident Clasp
  • Stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Inexpensive and durable
  • Eco-friendly and smart

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4. Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil

uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil, Gun Metallic (M510171P.43)
  • Lead Rotating Technology Mechanical Pen, Kuru Toga
  • Country Of Origin : Japan
  • For 0.5Mm Lead, Gun Metallic Body
  • Package Quantity : 1

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This product is nice for those looking for a mechanical pencil that produces higher quality, very detailed, and accurate detailing writing.

Unicore keeps a sharp mechanical pencil that uses 0.5mm lead, which makes it easy for portability staff, you can take it wherever you need since it’s lightweight and slim.

This product’s lead is very effective even after its usage for an extended time, it keeps its sharpness and makes clean lines all over your writings.

In most mechanical pencils out there in the market, the lead wears down on one side which influences the quality of your lines to become inconsistent, this product solves this problem for you by rotating the lead constantly by itself, which also turns the lead that resists breakage.

This product has more features which makes it unique from the other mechanical pencils out there, it comes with built-in lead rotation which eases the manual rotation of lead by yourself, It uses HB type lead as you know the Standard good quality lead and also you can change the lead when every you need since this mechanical pencil is refillable.

It has a gun metallic body and meal tip, which prevents breakage and makes the grip comfortable.

Since this mechanical pencil uses 0.5mm lead the lines this pencil produces are very precise and clean, which makes this product a preferable pencil that the other mechanical pencils out there.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good grip, precise and clean lines
  • Uses HB type lead
  • Lead Rotation
  • Gun metallic body

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5. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils

Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils, 0.7mm, HB #2, Blue Barrels, 12 Count
  • Create clear, precise lines every time
  • Side lead advance lets you load lead without losing your grasp
  • 0.7mm, #2 leads are perfect for standardized tests
  • Jumbo twist-up eraser makes erasing easy
  • Soft grip design adds comfort and ease

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This product is nice for those looking for futuristic mechanical pencils, it has many good features it including a nice and large eraser and a retractable tip which makes it pocket safe mechanical pencil.

Paper mate clear point mechanical pencil is one of the best Ergonomic mechanical pencils which enables you to make a clear and precise line, but his pen is not recommended for drafting staff.

The eraser of this mechanical pencil, a jumbo twist-up eraser, helps you to erase easily and nicely.

This product has a side lead that enables you to load lead without losing your grasp.

This ergonomic mechanical pencil has 12 numbers and 2 mechanical pencils.

Paper Mate is the best of the clear point mechanical pencil with affordable price, ergonomic design, and pocket safe.

The one other feature that makes this mechanical pencil different from the other mechanical pencils is that it’s easy to put it in your pocket and use it somewhere else, this makes this mechanical pencil a pocket-safe ergonomic mechanical pencil.

Having amazing features as listed above, this product is amazing, and likewise, it’s cheap compared to its value and its usefulness.

This product is one of the most heavily marketed mechanical pencils in the United States.

You can find this product almost in every stationery this indicates the need from the user.

Most users always have this pencil and buy other pencils for other features.

This product has a strong lead so it’s not often breaking like the other mechanical pencils.

The durability of this product is very appreciated by almost all users of this mechanical pencil.

Having said that, this product is for you, if you need a pocket safe, cheap, large eraser and making clear and precise line mechanical pencil.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A clear and precise line
  • Pocket safe
  • Large eraser
  • Retractable tip
  • Cheap and durable

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6. rOtring 1904255 Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil

Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil HB 0.5 mm Lead Propelling Pencil Reduced Lead Breakage Silver...
  • Designed with the rOtring brass mechanism for precision lead advancement
  • Cushion lead mechanism for a high level of break resistance and outstanding writing and doodling comfort
  • A non-slip metal knurled grip makes sure the pencil stays in hand at all times
  • Built in eraser under the push-button cap for quick erasing, to ensure mistakes aren’t permanent
  • Comes in a silver finish and holds 0.5 mm lead

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This product is nice for those looking for technical, professional writing, and drafting mechanical pencils.

The best features of this mechanical pencil are that it doesn’t give feedback while writing, it enables you to write precise and clean writing.

This is one of the recommended mechanical pencils for professional use in writing and drafting.

This pencil has a design equipped with a precise cushion lead.

It’s one of the lightweight mechanical pencils out there, and also it’s comfortable to your hand and easy to grip.

Its retractable sleeve makes it useful for traveling.

This mechanical pencil is recommended for drafters and non-drafters.

It’s user-friendly compared to the mechanical pencil competitors in the market.

Its metal sleeve prevents breaking the brittle lead.

Pros & Benefits:

  • No feedback while writing
  • Retractable sleeve
  • 2 years warranty

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7. Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil, 2mm. 780BK
  • Technical mechanical pencil, 2mm #2 lead.
  • For writing, sketching, drawing
  • Metal clip, push button advance
  • Integrated lead pointer in push button
  • Made in Germany

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This product is nice for engineers, technical users, and drafters.

It provides a consistent clean line and the boldest outline throughout your writings.

It comes with an installed push button sharpen which enables it to keep the lead points sharp while writing or drafting.

This product is good for those who spend more time using a pencil to write, sketch, and draw.

While the lead is sharp, you can maintain precise and good writing even for a longer time.

The lines produced by this mechanical ergonomic pencil are always consistent and precise.

The design of this mechanical ergonomic pencil is nice and enables it to reduce the load on your fingers.

It produces the boldest outlines and consistent shadings based on your lead choice.

It helps engineers in their creativity by producing the intended outcome all the time throughout their works.

The installed built-in lead is definitely lighter than 2 HB.

This mechanical pencil has a fairly simple mechanical process and it doesn’t clog up.

As most users review this mechanical pencil is very easy to take it where ever you go and use it elsewhere.

It has a built-in lead sharpener which enables you to sharpen your mechanical pencils when you’re not at home or work, you can take it without sharpening the pencil and you sharpen it if you only are going to use it.

It’s one of the innovative designs of mechanical pencils out there and has an easily replaceable lead.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lead pointer in push button
  • Has a stronghold
  • Lighter installed lead
  • Has integrated lead sharpener

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8. BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil

BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7mm), Perfect For The Classroom & Test Time,...
39,358 Reviews
BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7mm), Perfect For The Classroom & Test Time,...
  • One 40-count pack of BIC Xtra-Smooth Number 2 Mechanical Pencils With Erasers
  • Versatile 0.7mm medium point is ideal for a variety of everyday writing activities
  • Always ready and never need sharpening; to advance the lead, simply click the built-in eraser
  • High-quality lead doesn’t smudge and erases cleanly, so your work looks neat and professional
  • If looking for a smaller point, use BIC mechanical pencils 0.5mm from our Xtra Percision Line

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This mechanical pencil is one of the bestselling mechanical pencils, probably the first one.

Students mostly use this pencil, and they use it for sketching, drafting, and writing, while engineers and sketch men also use it for the purpose and they recommend it for all drafters or non-drafters.

It doesn’t break lead so frequently like the other mechanical pencils.

The design of this mechanical pencil enables it to prevent the breakage of a lead.

It’s one of the best ergonomic mechanical pencils hence it’s well-designed and comfortable to grip.

The durability of this product is one of the features most users like, with some users, it lasts for many years.

This mechanical pencil is one of the mechanical pencils with a nice eraser, the eraser of this pencil is very nice that the user even buys this product to get the eraser.

The consistent fluidity of the lead is also a plus feature that many users like about this ergonomic mechanical pencil.

It’s one of the cheapest while having a good quality product out there in the market when compared to the other ergonomic mechanical pencils.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable
  • It doesn’t smudge
  • Has the best eraser, erases cleanly

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This product is the most common and famous for a reason and comes with different color sets and makes drawing and writing easy and fun.

This pencil is 0.7 mm and has the best eraser and lightweight easy to use mechanical penis.

The best feature of this mechanical pencil besides its lightweight also has its smooth lead writing capability and a non-smudging perfect cleaning eraser.

With the color of your choice, you can have the best visibility on your work and be happy with a stylish ergonomic mechanical pencil.

The design is for smooth drawing and net smudging resistance work and with an awesome eraser that you can always replace with any of its types.

This product is by far the best at a low price, as you can choose to purchase with 24 counts of mechanical pencils with different shades of color.

You can enjoy your work with a pencil with a smooth that doesn’t smudge and stays off your hands and stays on the page without requiring any sharpening and ready to go with a single click.

This product offers clean tidy looking work to your project and also makes you look stylish and love your work in the process.

The lightweight feature of this mechanical pencil is also what people enjoyed about this product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and smooth
  • High resistance to smudging
  • Replaceable eraser
  • Neat and tidy performant

10. rOtring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil

Rotring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil, 0.7mm, Black Body (502607)
  • rOtring 600 Series
  • Knurled Grip, Black Body
  • 0.7mm lead

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This product is the best for those who look into mechanical pencil grip as it has one of the best grips of any mechanical pencils whether you’re a professional or a basic technical artist this is the one you need.

The next best feature of this mechanical pencil after its incredible grip is its stability, no matter how unsteady your hands are this pencil will help you keep them steady due to its non-wobbly criteria.

This pencil is the best pencil for everyone due to its design and simplicity and grip architecture whether you’re a beginner or a professional it will fit right in your hands and make you love your work.

The design is truly what made the mechanical pencil stand up from the rest as it’s full metal and ergonomically hexagonal-shaped barrel with ideal weight and balance not to mention the feeling with its grip.

The sliding sleeve is a high-level break resistance with a design keeping an unimpeded view of the page.

The durability as it’s mentioned in the design spec is made with the full metal to stay a lifetime with a precise ruler-based drawing.

It also keeps the lid’s life at maximum saving you cost of leads with a net drawing with less mess to even use the eraser

Pros & Benefits:

  • A very well designed grip and steady front
  • Fully metal meant for a lifetime
  • Weight and balance with perfection
  • High-level brake resistance on lids

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Why Ergonomic Mechanical Pencil?

There are many types of mechanical pencils and choosing from them is a tiresome task, why then do we need to choose one from the others?

There are many reasons why we need to choose one because, if you’re a professional drafter, architect, or writer, you need clean lines, clear sketches, nice looking drawings, and overall you need a quality product.

To obtain the maximum quality you obviously can see that you need the best ergonomic mechanical pencil.

The availability of mechanical pencils changes the world of drawing, sketching and drafting, in such a way that we all can notice.

Nowadays there are some amazing pictures that you can’t imagine, the reason for this is the availability of many types of mechanical pencils.

This makes drafting, making shadows easier than ever before, in this era, many architects draw realistic pictures with their hands.

This is not only because they are very talented but because they use different types of pencils to draw one picture, to get the shadow exact, and to obtain maximum quality and realistic images.

Imagine that person, the one who is a realistic picture drawer, without having different colors and pencils.

Do you think he/she can do the same?

No, at least the former pictures look more realistic than the latter.

Final Thoughts

Technical users or writers who use a pencil for a longer time should choose a great pencil that suits them well.

As we all know there are so many mechanical pencils out there with each producer claiming that their product or pencil is the best compared to others.

However, the reality or the real review only comes from users, and to know what the users most like, you need to do research.

Since making research is hard for you, you need someone who can do this for you, and if so here, below are some of the best ergonomic mechanical pencils.

I hope and expect this article helps you to choose the best ergonomic mechanical pencil for your profession.

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