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10 Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

People are spending much more time using a computer and that’s why you need the best ergonomic mouse pad.

Spending hours on the computer is almost an inevitable part of life, especially with this new work from the home trend.

Whether we are using a desktop or a laptop, using a mouse tends to increase productivity and simply make the work much more comfortable.

But the repetitive movements you make while using a mouse can prompt issues down the line like joint pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Consequently, the best ergonomic mouse pads available on the market can help include some much-needed alleviation for your wrists and arms for the day’s duration.

The best ergonomic mouse pads are intended to keep your hands and wrists in a neutral position to forestall injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

They usually have a wrist rest with memory foam padding or a gel cushion to support your wrist.

After hours of research work and reviewing dozens of popular mouse pads, we have concluded that these are the ten best ergonomic mouse pads you can buy!

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10 Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad, Black (F8E262-BLK), 1 Pack
  • Ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest offers added comfort and support
  • Reduces wrist stress that can lead to repetitive motion disorders
  • Durable polyurethane surface provides exceptional tracking
  • Nonslip rubber base keeps mouse pad firmly in place
  • Lightweight, durable design endures years of use

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This Ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest offers a great amount of comfort and support, preventing you from any kind of disorder by reducing the wrist stress that can lead to repetitive motion disorders.

This Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad lets you input data more comfortably.

This ergonomic mouse pad provides a smooth tracking surface for your mouse with a specially designed ergo support pad that is perfect when you’re typing for long periods or surfing the Internet.

The smooth, strong polyurethane surface of this mouse pad gives an excellent following surface to your mouse, while the common rubber base remains immovably planted on any flat surface and prevents sliding.

The rubber base sustains the mouse pad firmly in place.

This Lightweight, durable design ensures years of use and makes it much more comfortable to use during extended, everyday computer use with the Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad.

Its memory foam wrist rest gives exceptional wrist support and this mouse pad allows you to type, surf the internet, and play games for more extended periods without discomfort.

The smooth, sturdy polyurethane surface of the mouse pad gives an excellent tracking surface for your mouse, while the natural rubber base remains immovably planted on any flat surface, hence, prevents sliding.

Available in blue and black colors, the mouse pad is compatible with a wide variety of mouse types.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Substantial polyurethane-covered surface
  • Memory foam wrist rest
  • Lightweight and flexible

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For general office work and regular use, this VicTsing mouse pad is an excellent option, you really can’t go wrong with this Mouse pad from VicTsing.

With an excellent smooth surface and anti-slip natural rubber base, this mouse pad is an ideal choice for a game, work, or daily use.

This VicTsing Mouse pad is designed to assist and enhance the performance of your mouse.

Estimating 10.2×8.3×0.08 inches, this mouse pad is the ideal size for the normal work area.

This premium textured mouse pad has an ultra-smooth surface, wherein the mouse can immediately be moved and precisely positioned on the smooth surface, which is Incredible for your work and gaming.

The edges of this cushion are sewed to prevent the fabric top from fraying or stripping endlessly from the anti-slip elastic support.

The firmly woven fabric top is treated with Teflon so that it’s water-safe and has low friction for precision tracking and smooth movement.

Moreover, the premium-textured and large size surfaces ensure full movement and accurate positioning so that the mouse can move quickly and smoothly.

Also, the anti-slip natural rubber base can firmly grip the desktop making it more comfortable to use.

The mouse pad can likewise be spot cleaned and hand-washed, keeping it in incredible working condition.

It tends to be utilized with both laser and optical mice, permitting you to take on different projects without exchanging cushions or surfaces.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable design with an anti-skid bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • Nature-friendly material

3. Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest - Blue (K62401AM),9.625*6.625 inches
  • Gel pillow matches natural curve of wrist and hand for comfortable scrolling and clicking
  • Ventilation channel helps keep hands cool and dry
  • Duo-tone color combination
  • Soft finish that's easy to wipe clean
  • Dimensions:7 5/8” wide x 9 5/8” long x 1” tall

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This Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad measures 9.45″ wide by 7.17″ long with the two-toned gel pads which provide ventilation and give it a premium look.

It is surrounded by a stiff base that incorporates the gel-filled pad as well, which is almost 1 inch high.

Whenever you use this mouse pad by laying your wrist over it, you will notice the gel is soft and relaxing because the ultra-soft gel molds to your wrist’s natural curves providing complete comfort and support.

While using this gel wrist rest, your arm will stay nice and cool and will not stick to the actual gel cushion’s surface.

While utilizing this gel wrist rest, your arm will remain overall quite cool and won’t stick to the real gel pad’s surface.

With stylish duo-tone colors, it also features a ventilation channel to keep hands cool and dry and the soft finish is easy to wipe clean when it gets dirty.

It is enjoyable to move your mouse across the smooth surface, it tracks with precision irrespective of the type of sensor your mouse uses.

The fact that the surface is so smooth means you will get superb mouse tracking precision.

No one wants a bad mouse’s grip on the surface!

The fact that even with the pressure you put down on the mouse, the pad stays in place and won’t slide.

All you need to do to move the mouse pad to another location on your desk, you will need to clean the bottom of it so it will hold a grip on the new surface.

Remember to clean the surface as it may lose contraction if the surface is not cleaned.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Duo-toned colored gel pads
  • Solid base with a sticky anti-slip base
  • Increased ventilation

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4. Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Superfine Fibre Soft Smooth Gel Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Gimars Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Support, Upgrade Enlarge Superfine Fibre Soft Smooth Keyboard Wrist...
  • Made of improved Super Soft & Smooth & Breathable Material and Comfortable Memory Foam to the pads, supply...
  • Non-skid Rubber base provides heavy grip preventing sliding or unwanted movement for Keyboard and mouse pads,...
  • Large Mouse Pad size 10 *8.6*1 inch and 17*3*1 inch keyboard wrist pad fits most computers or notebooks or mouse,...
  • Mouse Pad adding wrist rest designed with groove fits your hand better; Deformation free keyboard pad, stands still...
  • If you have any questions about products, we will try our best to provide solution for you within hours.

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Gimars keyboard and mouse pad with wrist support gives your wrist support and firmness to lay on which fits most computers and laptops, improving the hand and wrist posture saving you from various disorders.

The ergonomic mouse pad with memory foam is a liberal 10″ across to permit freedom of movement with the memory foam wrist rest which estimates 17.3″ to span most standard keyboards.

This redesigning of the popular model has an added groove to fit most wrists.

Verified commentators state the alignment is just perfect when the pad and rest are used together.

The two pieces have non-slip grip backing, as indicated by purchasers, they set both the pieces up to your inclinations and won’t have to re-alter.

This masterpiece prevents chafing and sweating, and the pieces utilize super-smooth, breathable natural rubber, which is stuffed with memory foam that tenderly bounces back.

Verified users also say this is perfect for households where more than one person uses the computer.

The ergonomic mouse pad with memory foam is 10″ across to allow the freedom of movement and the wrist rest measures 17.3″ to span most standard keyboards.

It is a premium ergonomic mouse pad with a memory foam wrist rest which provides great wrist support is one of the best money can buy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Form-hugging memory foam
  • Grooved to fit hands ideally
  • Breathable and comfortable to use

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5. 3M Precise Mouse Pad With Gel Wrist Rest

3M Precise Mouse Pad With Gel Wrist Rest, Soothing Gel Comfort With Durable, Easy To Clean...
  • Precise surface enhances the precision of optical mice at fast speeds
  • 3M’s gel technology creates a wrist rest that is firm enough to provide the support you need, but soft enough for...
  • Leatherette cover is easy to clean and features antimicrobial product protection which inhibits the growth of...
  • Vertex design
  • 8.6 in. x 6.8 in

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Claimed to be an ergonomic mouse pad for longer battery life, this mouse pad with wrist support and memory foam declares that it can extend your mouse’s battery life by up to 50%.

Thanks to its light-colored, micro-grooved surface because of which it can do this.

It helps your mouse to draw less current than on normal surfaces, you will notice once you unbox this Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest you notice just how sleek it looks.

One of these mouse pad’s features is that it provides decent relief due to its wrist rest, especially if you are using your mouse over an extended amount of time making the wrist feel firm at first but mold to shape over time.

It also features a leatherette type cover that houses the 3M gel insert for added comfort, which is smooth to the touch and measures 0.75″ by 0.75″ in size.

Another highlight of this ergonomic mouse pad is its antimicrobial protection, though, and is resistant to stains and odors.

The finished plastic top highlights a light-hued print that helps achieve its attention-seeking feature; that is, it broadens the battery life of remote mice of up to 50% by helping it draw less current than darker mouse cushions, and this top is also easy to clean.

These ergonomic mouse pads additionally have an unbending but flexible base and remains set up well while being utilized.

Well, all this doesn’t have to cost a fortune to give you great results, which makes these ergonomic mouse pads a trustworthy choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The rigid base incorporates a battery-saving surface
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Made from 25% recycled materials

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With more than 5000 reviews on this one piece, this comfortable to use ergonomic mouse pad is suitable for both computers and laptops.

This VicTsing ergonomic mouse pad is different from the other ergonomic mouse pads I have mentioned in this list above and comes with the gel wrist rest support.

These comfortable to use gel filling cushions, unlike the previous VicTsing ergonomic mouse pads, grants your wrist maximum comfort and support by reducing the wrist irritation/pain.

It also keeps your waist in a neutral position for ergonomic comfort.

The tracking movements of this ergonomic mouse pads are improved using a smooth Lycra cover, allowing the cursor to move around quickly and grips the surface firmly with the help of a non-Skid PU base grip.

Also not to forget the stylish shape and size of this mouse pad enables you to move the mouse around easily and guarantee a long time use.

As the previously mentioned VicTsing mouse pad, this Victsing gel mouse pad is also made with environmentally friendly materials which are non-toxic and are safe to use.

This ergonomic mouse pad comes with a supportive and soft gel pad whose height isn’t too high.

Moreover, the wrist support is on the narrower side of this mouse pad is great in case your wrist tends to stay fairly stationary while you are using the mouse.

A few reviewers have noted a genuinely solid smell just when the mouse pad is out of the package.

Be that as it may, it appears to blur after some time so in case you can withstand the smell, the amazingly low price tag might just make this deal worth it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gel rest support
  • Comfortable to use
  • Non-slip textured surface

7. AmazonBasics Gel Mouse Pad + Wrist Rest

Amazon Basics Rectangular Gel Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Rest, Small, Black
  • Black mousepad with unique comfort gel-filled cushion conforms to your wrists for maximum comfort and support
  • Excellent tracking surface provides smooth and precise mouse tracking
  • No-slip rubber undersurface firmly grips the desktop. Special wave design offers ergo support for your wrists
  • Promotes proper hand and wrist movement

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Ideal for home and offices this AmazonBasics gel mouse pad is comfortable to use and allows plenty of movement and is wide enough for any size wrist.

The mouse pad wrist-rest is gel-filled allowing great flexibility, performance, firm support, and helps to reduce wrist stress and provides support and comfort.

The modish sleek-looking mouse pad with wrist support is compact enough to fit into almost every place.

This mouse pad with wrist support is also covered with breathable material to reduce chafing.

This mouse pad is smooth and allows for gliding, and its rubberized base keeps the pad in place.

AmazonBasics has a generous one-year limited warranty and they also may offer a nice price break when you decide to purchase in quantities of 10 for home or office.

It measures 8 by 10 inches; backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty.

This ultra-comfortable to use and compact mouse pad accommodates any type of mouse.

Moreover, you shall not worry about the mouse pad slipping away—its anti-slip, rubberized base keeps it securely in place.

The mouse pad effectively grips any flat, hard, tabletop surface.

It is one of the best ergonomic mouse pads with wrist support available.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Budget-friendly
  • One year warranty
  • Firm grip and flexible to use

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8. Laptop Cord Cable Accessory Pouch With Extra Rolled Up Travel Mouse Pad

Travel Mouse Case Electronics Organizer Bag | Laptop Cord Cable Accessory Pouch with Extra Rolled Up...
  • INCLUDES A SECOND SEPARATE SUPER THIN NON-SLIP ROLL-UP MOUSE PAD in case you want to leave the pouch zipped!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS AND ZIPPER TO PROTECT YOUR MOUSE AND CORDS! Gorgeous grey and white exterior material...
  • GREAT GIFT FOR TRAVELER OR STUDENT to hold and organize all of those pesky cords, chargers, flash drives and backup...

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This Buti-bag mouse pad is ready to travel mouse pad which is best to feed your travel needs as it gives you a traditional, small-sized pad that easily rolls up for travel.

The zippered bag can be used to store not only your mouse pad but also a travel-sized wireless mouse, extra batteries, and flash drives to keep all your accessories within reach.

The mouse pad can also be utilized as a great organizer for people with less space to occupy small peripherals and stuff.

The bag measures 9 x 4.5 inches which makes it the perfect size to slip into your laptop bag, carry-on luggage, or the backpack, and just in case you are wondering, the bag and travel mouse pad are optimized for both the optical and laser mice.

Therefore, for those who like to travel a lot, you will always have a protective surface for your trusty mouse.

Within a period of just a second, you can separate super thin non-slip roll-up ergonomic mouse pads.

Its premium quality material and zipper protect your mouse and cords, exterior material with silver metal clip makes it easy if you want to attach it to any bag.

It can also be used as an excellent gift for travelers and students to organize all of those pesky cords and flash drives safely.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-function ergonomic mouse pad
  • Includes a second separate super thin non-slip roll-up mouse pad
  • Perfect as a travel mouse pouch

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9. Mroco Ergonomic Mouse Pad

MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Support, Comfortable Mousepad with Smooth Wrist Rest...
  • Comfortable Gel Filling: The ergonomic wrist rest is filled with soft gel that provides a comfortable touch and...
  • Smooth Fabric Covering: The surface of this pad is made of premium-textured, high-quality Lycra cloth that has...
  • Grips Desktop Firmly: The soft, non-skid PU base grips the desktop firmly, preventing sliding and providing stable...
  • Excellent Shape & Size: The mousepad is designed with an optimal shape and size for easy mouse movement and a good...
  • Buy Risk-Free: If you encounter any compatibility, gel leak, or wrist support issues, contact us for a full refund...

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For someone who works all day using a mouse, it is crucial to consider the fact that an essential factor to recognize is that the mouse pad has to be ergonomic.

A raised, soft-gel filled wrist that supports your arm and features a raised, soft, gel-filled wrist are a few features of this MROCO mouse pad.

It will help you rest your arm and work to prevent cramping and fatigue.

Even more, the surface of the mouse pad is also covered in Lycra cloth allowing you smooth movement and better accuracy than other more coarsely woven cloth top pads.

This measures 9.4 x 8.1-inch in size and includes a plan for an ideal mouse movement, which is larger at the top than the bottom giving you plenty of space when moving between monitors or switching programs.

The base is a non-slide rubber treated froth to help keep it set up.

This mouse pad has an excellent shape and size help you move the mouse around easily, comfortably and the pad shapes it well.

Moreover, the reinforced edges also prevent deformation and damage from guaranteeing long term use.

The company offers an 18-Months 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Now, who in today’s world works this way for customer satisfaction.

This mouse pad brand states that they are committed to our 100% customer satisfaction, so if the customer is not happy, he should directly contact the company.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Smooth fabric covering
  • Comfortable to use gel filling
  • Risk-free purchase

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10. Lizimandu Non-Slip Mouse Pad

Lizimandu Non Slip Mouse Pad Wrist Rest for Office, Computer, Laptop & Mac - Durable & Comfortable &...
  • Measures ( 7.8 x 9.8 in )
  • MADE OF DURABLE, PREMIUM-QUALITY FOAM - This keyboard wrist pad is made from Premium Quality Foam, Lightweight,...
  • Its non-skid backing holds pad firmly in place to prevent slipping while it's being used.
  • The image printed using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect.
  • A non skid rubber base will protect your desktops from scuffs and scratches

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Sometimes using colorful things can light up your mood and improve your performance.

This piece is designed specifically for those who like some color in their offices or their deskspace and want a memory foam wrist rest.

Why sacrifice form for function when you can have both?

This charming colorful mouse pad comes in over 20 different designs, one of which is sure to match your tastes.

However, it does not lack functionality, its memory foam wrist rest support is on the harder side which makes it a great choice in-between for those caught choosing between foam and gel.

Why penance structure for work when you can have both?

This magnificently bright mouse pad comes in more than 20 distinct designs, one of which makes sure to coordinate your preferences.

It doesn’t need usefulness, its memory foam wrist rest is on the firmer side which makes it a decent in the middle for those found picking among form and gel.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of durable, premium-quality memory foam
  • Adds color to your workspace
  • Memory foam is pleasent for your wrist

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Tips To Choose An Ergonomic Mouse Pad – Buying Guide

Deciding to get an ergonomic mouse pad is easy and can help improve your PC use if you get the correct one.

What’s difficult in this process is to choose the right one among the wide range of options available online.

Here are some tips for choosing the best ergonomic mouse pads.

Choose a support material based on your computer usage

The two main types of mouse pads are mouse pad with gel or memory foam wrist supports.

Each has its benefits.

Consider memory foam for heavy computer users

As memory foam is softer and more comfortable to use for longer periods.

Memory foam is incredible for gamers and the individuals who are on their PCs or use a mouse for long periods like different hours every day in a row.

Gel supports for day-to-day use

A mouse pad with gel supports will, in general, be firmer, and keeping in mind that they hold you up, they don’t give a lot of cushions.

These are best for the individuals who don’t have wrist issues and thus don’t require as much wrist support and the individuals who aren’t utilizing their mouse throughout the day–think occasional use for not exactly an hour at once.

Righty or lefty?

Sometimes pads are optimized for one hand or the other, just be conscious of this before buying.

Some ergonomic mouse pads are shaped to fit your wrist’s bend as you utilize the PC and which is all well and good.

Final Thoughts

There’s a wealth of choice of the best ergonomic mouse pads available online, depending on what it is you want.

Whether you want the traditional mouse pad, a mouse pad with a gel or memory foam wrist rest, or the one that charges your mouse, these are the ten best options out there right now.

Hopefully, this guide has pointed you towards the perfect ergonomic mouse pad.

The best way to keep your wrists healthy is by maintaining good posture with a neutral position and using a mouse pad.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind, and we’re sure your wrists will thank you.

Also, if you see a mouse pad that’s not on the list and should be, let us know in the comments below.

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