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10 Best Ergonomic Touchpads & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

A lot of people still prefer to use a mouse, over an ergonomic touchpad these days, as their default computer accessory, however, ergonomic touchpads are recently entering the market and becoming trends. 

Touchpads are essentials to most laptops but, it is quite rare to find a touchpad used on desktop keyboards. 

It isn’t quite an easy effort to replace your mouse, with all the convenience and accuracy that it offers, nevertheless, the precision and functionality that touchpads offer, are worth giving a try.

So, we think it’s about time to swap out your mouse and switch to the new ergonomic touchpad, that will help you ease your productivity and workflow. 

With all the gestures and shortcuts available for touchpads, it is important to find the right selection of your touchpads, which is comfortable to use and can help you relieve some wrist strain. 

If you’ve never gone shopping for a touchpad before, don’t you worry because you’re coming to the right place.

We’ve picked the top 10 ergonomic touchpad brands and highlighted their useful information, which you can find below!

Table of Contents

1. Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple trackpad
Apple can never disappoint us when it comes to their electronic devices, including this one.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 is the renewed and redesigned version of their previous touchpad, keeping its sleek and minimalistic design, yet still very ergonomic. 

Magic Trackpad 2 includes a built-in battery, as this touchpad is rechargeable and wireless, which can bring ‘Force Touch’ to the desktop for the first time. 

The four force sensors underneath the trackpad surface allow you to click anywhere, as well as enabling you to detect subtle differences in the amount of pressure that you apply. 

Meaning that it could bring increased functionality to your fingertips, and enable you to achieve deeper connections towards your content.

Magic Trackpad 2 also features an edge-to-edge glass surface area, that is nearly 30% larger than the previous trackpad. 

Scrolling, and swiping through your favorite content, become more productive and comfortable, than ever before. 

Also, if you have a Mac, you can pair these two automatically so you can get to work right away!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Slim and minimalist
  • Edge-to-edge glass surface
  • Can be paired to other Apple devices

2. Microsoft Arc Mouse (ELG-00001)

Microsoft arc
The next one on our list is the ‘Microsoft Arc Mouse’. 

This one may be called a mouse, or even looks like a mouse, however, this one functions better as a touchpad instead of a mouse. 

Instead of moving your whole arm, you can simply touch, tap, and slide your fingers through its smooth surface. 

‘Microsoft Arc Mouse’ is designed to comfort your hand, and be compatible with Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/8. 

The fact that this touchpad is not styled as any other touchpad design is a good thing because, it’s very small, ultra-slim, and lightweight. 

It is also available in many elegant colors, such as black, burgundy, cobalt blue, ice blue, lilac, poppy red, and much more! 

This touchpad is activated using Bluetooth 4.0 and the wireless frequency range is 2.4 GHz, with a battery life that is so long, lasting you up to 6 months! 

The touchpad can also snap flat and slip easily into your pocket or bag, therefore you can take it anywhere with you while traveling. 

The best thing about this touchpad is, that you can still use it as a traditional mouse as well.

There are so many benefits that Microsoft can offer you, through this solid, quality, well-made device. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wireless and long-last battery life
  • Available in many elegant colors
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Bluetooth enabled and ergonomist
  • Can be carried anywhere you go

3. Logitech Rechargeable Touchpad T650

Logitech T650
Our other premium choice, for your best convenience, is the ‘Logitech Rechargeable T650 Touchpad’. 

Logitech has made a promise to you and all their other consumers, which is to make sure that you obtain a very pleasurable digital experience by using their product, including this one. 

‘Logitech Rechargeable T650 Touchpad’ offers you a very spacious touch surface, that delivers premium smoothness, which assures you of a precise navigating experience. 

The touchpad is ergonomically designed with minimalist and elegant black color, which gives you a very stylish look. 

Featuring a click-anywhere surface, this product allows you to click anywhere your finger rest, and apply the gesture virtually anywhere on the touch surface. 

While you’re using this product, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery because, Logitech offers you a long-life internal battery with easy USB charging, where you can use it while it’s charging easily. 

Providing its wireless simplicity with a ‘Tiny Unifying’ receiver, that connects up to six compatible mouses and keyboards, only by using one USB port, giving you a very convenient and tidy environment while you work!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rechargeable and long-life internal battery
  • Smooth and spacious touch surface
  • Offers a tiny unifying receiver
  • Click-anywhere surface feature
  • Wireless

4. Perixx PERIPAD-501 Touchpad

Perixx touchpad
This touchpad from Perixx is the most affordable one on our list! 

With less than 20 dollars, you can already get this versatile device. 

It’s such a good deal if you are just recently trying out touchpads, and want to start getting the hang of it. 

This touchpad is very easy to use and supports multi-touch gestures, that offer you 7 features, such as one finger slide, one finger touch, 2 finger tap, tag and drop, double click, vertical scroll, and zoom in/out. 

With all this provision, it proves to you that this product is still very reliable and you don’t need to rely on fancy features, to make it a useful and functional touchpad. 

The design is very small, compact, and ergonomic, which comes with a durable USB cable, that can help you scroll down Reddit or Facebook comfortably. 

If you prefer using the two buttons rather than a single smooth touch surface, both options are equipped using the two buttons in the touchpad, that functions as a mouse.

Available in several compatible operating systems, starting from Windows XP and Vista, up to Windows 10. 

Perixx also has other bigger and slightly expensive versions of their touchpad, which offers you a 12-months limited warranty, so when you’re ready to upgrade your touchpad, consider moving on to the larger ones.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Small and compact design
  • Perfect for new users
  • Very affordable and budget-friendly
  • Support multi-touch gestures
  • Offers 12-month limited warranty

5. Jelly Comb Ultra Slim Portable Touchpad T055

Jelly comb To55
This brand that claims to be very high precision, comes from no other than Jelly Comb. 

It might be not the first time you’ve ever heard about this brand, but Jelly Comb has created several useful computer accessories, including this touchpad. 

The perfect touch surface allows you to achieve a smoother operation experience, than with a regular laptop touchpad. 

The fast and sensitive response at your fingertips will certainly blow your mind, especially with its multi-touch controls, that support multiple functions such as scroll pages up and down, fluid click on the screen, pinch to zoom in or out on pictures, and many more!

It doesn’t stop there, the ultra-slim and minimalist design is very travel-friendly and very convenient to replace your big mouse. 

It almost looks like the sleek design of the ‘Magic Trackpad 2’ from Apple, this ‘Jelly Comb Ultra-Slim Touchpad’ has quite a wide compatibility, which supports your Windows 7 up to Windows 10 PC and even laptop. 

The reliable, and stable connection through USB cable, enables you to use it freely without any connection issues. 

Overall, the design and glazed surface, make this touchpad pleasurable to use!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • A smooth and glazed surface
  • Ergonomic and high-precision
  • The perfect touch surface features a fast response
  • Reliable and stable USB cable connection

6. Seenda Multi-Touch Touchpad

Seenda touchpad
Just like its name, ‘Seenda Multi-Touch Touchpad’ features ‘Intuitive Multi-Touch Navigation’, with 5 Hotkeys. 

This allows you to point, scroll, or swipe your way through web pages, emails, documents, even Facebook, or twitter, with gesture-based controlling simplicity. 

The bold labels on the touchpad give you easier navigations and enable you, to see where the buttons are located. 

This provides you with the flexibility to mute, enter, select a text, block a text, even images through only one device. 

‘Seenda Multi-Touch Touchpad’ also claims to be slimmer, than the ‘Apple Magic Trackpad’ and designed with a durable metal base and anti-slip on the bottom, which makes this touchpad even more attractive, convenient, and ergonomic. 

It’s not only that, but you can also create shortcuts using the buttons to activate ‘Cortana’ for example. 

This product is very stable and reliable, just plug the USB cable into your computer’s USB port, your Seenda touchpad is ready to work!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Intuitive multi-touch navigation
  • 5 hotkeys with bold labels
  • Allows you to create shortcuts
  • Reliable and stable USB cable connection

7. Jelly Comb Multi-Touch Touchpad

Jelly comb multi-touch
If you read our review about Jelly Comb in the previous paragraphs, meet its brother. 

After releasing their ‘Ultra-Slim touchpad version’, this one is the newly released touchpad from Jelly Comb, which provides you with upgraded versions and features. 

‘Jelly Comb Multi-Touch’ touchpad comes up with a large glass top surface, with advanced quick and sensitive tracking responses, which allows you to have an incredible user experience. 

The fast responses at your fingertips give you the flexibility to just scroll pages up and down, click on screens, or pinch to zoom pictures with no hassle. 

‘Jelly Comb Multi-Touch’ touchpad, enables you to experience the easy and natural use of your windows computer, with the support of its full set of gestures. 

Super comfortable to use, with the ultra-smooth surface and ergonomic tilt design. 

The ‘Jelly Comb Multi-Touch’ touchpad can start to work once connected, compatible with Windows 7 and 10, just plug and play and you’re ready to go! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Intuitive multi-touch navigation
  • 5 hotkeys with bold labels
  • Allows you to create shortcuts
  • Reliable and stable USB cable connection

8. Keymecher Mano Multi-Gesture Touchpad

Keymecher touchpad
Another newly released affordable, yet comfortable touchpad, is the one and only ‘Keymecher Mano Multi-Gesture Touchpad’. 

If this is your first time hearing about this product, don’t be hesitant. 

A very large glass top surface is provided for you, with an advanced sensor to achieve excellent user experience. 

Move your fingers freely on this touchpad, just scroll up and down, zoom in, or zoom out, as the fast and sensitive response allows you to enjoy this touchpad with no worry. 

Especially with the help of the indicators above, the touch surface area enables you to read the status of your USB connections and mouse keys easily. 

The upper part of the touchpad is equipped with convenient ‘forward’ and ‘return’ shortcuts, for scrolling down twitter and Reddit, browsing the internet, and moving around between folders. 

‘Keymecher Mano touchpad’ not only offers you multi-gestures feature, but it can also be operated intuitively with only one hand. 

Also, a dedicated button has been installed, that allows you for easy drag and drop operation. 

No battery needed, just plug and play, so you don’t have to worry about the touchpad being out of power. 

Moreover, this touchpad has very wide compatibility and can be easily stored in your pocket bag, along with your laptop!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Convenient shortcut and LED display
  • High-precision and multi-gesture features
  • Highly versatile micro USB terminal connection
  • No batteries required

9. Sxstar Mini Wireless Touchpad

Sxstar touchpad
This mini touchpad from Sxstar works wonders, especially for you who d your touchpad experience for the first time. 

Just like how this product is called, this touchpad is multi-functional and comes up with a wireless whole panel, as well as a mini QWERTY virtual keyboard, with a USB interface dongle. 

‘Sxstar Mini Wireless Touchpad’ is very ergonomically designed, with an innovative shape, which is very portable and elegant. 

Widely compatible with PC, laptop, Linux, Google Android Smart TV Box, and much more. 

It proves to customers that this product is very versatile because you can use it not only for answering emails or chat but also as your remote control. 

Sxstar provides you with wonderful combo functions and a highly sensitive smart touchpad, you can use the available shortcut to easily turn on and turn off the virtual keyboard. 

If you want to travel anywhere, no need to be hesitant because this touchpad is rechargeable and portable. 

Just carry it along with you wherever you go!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable and perfect for beginners
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Wonderful combo functions

10. WisFox Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

WisFox touchpad
If you’re looking for an all-in-one product, you may want to take a look at this one. 

The ‘WisFox Wireless Keyboard’ with Touchpad, is perfect for you who likes to have your desk space as tidy as possible. 

This wireless touchpad keyboard from WisFox comes with a touchpad and built-in multi-touch navigation gestures. 

This built-in touchpad can be used freely, instead of using a mouse to control the direction, providing you with an easier web browsing experience. 

Wirelessly connect to your device with a nano receiver and control your media content freely, anywhere within 10 meters. 

Available with a power-saving design, this product will automatically enter deep sleep mode after 20 seconds, up to 15 minutes of no operation to save your battery. 

You can easily activate it again by clicking any buttons, which is very smart, don’t you think? 

It comes up with its wide compatibility, and the WisFox wireless touchpad keyboard supports Windows, Android, Google, and Mac. 

Meaning that you can use it not only for your PC or laptop but, also for your smartphones and tablets!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very ergonomist and efficient
  • Multi-gesture features
  • Compatible with many OS
  • Power saving design
  • Can be used for smartphones and tablets

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Touchpad

Obviously, after reading our reviews, you may have mixed feelings on what touchpad you should opt for, considering there are numerous choices that you can find in the market. 

However, there are also a lot of aspects and factors that you may want to look into before, you make any purchase. 

Of course, it is better to spend time doing your research, because you don’t want to end up investing your money into the wrong products that might not fit your needs. 

So, what are those factors that you need to consider before buying any product? 

Here’s how you should do it!


Everyone must have their favorite brand when it comes to technology, however, it doesn’t mean that your favorite brand is the best one when it comes to touchpads. 

You may see some products offered by brands that you’re not familiar with, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth looking at. 

Of course, this is such an important factor to look at, if you are just getting started to use a touchpad. 

It is okay to get one product that is rather affordable coming from small brands, then you can move on to the product from larger brands, depending on your budget.


Talking about budget, it is important to set one before buying any product. 

The best tech products are not cheap, and it’s such common knowledge. 

However, many people believe that money is no object, so, just because you couldn’t afford the most expensive touchpad in the market, doesn’t mean you can’t afford anything. 

If it gets the job done, then who cares? 

Considering that there are many essentials needed to prioritize, and a lot of products cover a wide range of budgets already. 

So don’t pressure yourself to get the most expensive one in the market, everyone has a chance to buy something. 


When it comes to choosing which products are the best for you, it is better to spend more time doing your research, about the product you’re considering purchasing. 

Buying tech products is like investing, and of course, you don’t want to invest in something that won’t last you long. 

Therefore, it is important to take reviews very seriously before making any decision. 

Typically, we don’t trust reviews from people we have never met before, that’s why we love to dig down for in-depth reviews from customers who may or may not like the products. 

This will pretty much tell you everything you need and hopefully, will save you some time of having to do it yourself! 


The design of the products is one of the massive factors that we need to look into, as we all know we shouldn’t judge certain products by its covers. 

However, nowadays most companies are trying to make everything look sleek, stylish, and painfully modern. 

Of course, this is relatable, especially when you like to match your computer accessories with your primary device computers. 

That’s why it is important to opt for products that are ergonomically designed, and comfortable to use. 

Therefore, if you’re a person who prefers quality, functionality, and convenience over style, then the design shouldn’t be an issue.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right ergonomic touchpad that serves your need for many years to come, is not an easy job and sometimes can be an overwhelming decision.

Especially, given the large selection of models available on store shelves and online.

The options vary from the small ones, all-in-one features, ultra-slim, wireless and non-wireless ones.

However, the aforementioned products and buying tips should offer you convenience if, you happen to look for touchpads that fit your requirements.

Moreover, the touchpads that are featured in our top ten list, are ergonomically designed to be useful and comfortable for you.

Especially when you’re just getting started to switch over to touchpads, after being a mouse user for quite a long time, ergonomic touchpads are necessary to make it easier for you to adjust yourself. 

Therefore, the next time you’re looking for the perfect touchpad for you, why not try one of the products featured in our list?

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